Want a *Free* Membership from the Secular Student Alliance? April 4, 2012

Want a *Free* Membership from the Secular Student Alliance?

The nice part about being a nosy former intern for the Secular Student Alliance is that I get to sometimes learn of awesome news before anyone else. The sad part is that I don’t get to tell anyone about it, even if it’s the most awesome news ever! I’ve been really excited about this news for a while, so I am absolutely thrilled to be allowed to finally announce it!

The Secular Student Alliance is offering free memberships to all high school and college students! Yes! Free! They rolled out this news somewhat quietly two weeks ago at the Reason Rally, but now it is completely live and so far over 1000 students have signed up — can you imagine how awesome it is going to be to have more accurate data for how many students are involved in the secular movement on their campus?

What is even better about this news is the benefits that come along with being a member — you get discounts to their conferences (which are awesome, but Hemant and I may be a bit biased… it’s kind of the highlight of the summer), discounts to other national events (they have paired with the American Humanist Association and American Atheists before to provide student discounts), awesome swag to display your membership, a membership card (to make things official, you know), and eligibility for Leadership Travel Aid to conferences and other events!

I have always encouraged the members of my affiliate group at the University of South Carolina to join the Secular Student Alliance, but now that it’s free for them, there is absolutely no reason for them not to! This is making it so much easier for students to connect to the larger secular student movement and maybe create an even more widespread network for support.

So, are you ready to join one of the absolute best organizations out there? Then go here! We’ll be thrilled to have you!

Are you a leader of an affiliate group and want to compile a group membership? Then email Lyz to ask about organizing that!


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  • This sounds like an amazing, exciting thing! The SSA must be the best organization out there! (And I’m obviously a completely unbiased source!)

  • Joshua Douty

    Just signed up. This is very cool.

  • The SSA logo looks like a Parental Advisory Sticker. Some parents might find that fitting, but I say bad branding. Good cause though.

  • I heard the SSA dons a mask and cape at night to fight crime.  Is that true?

  • Stephen Burrows

    Trying to figure out how to let the students at my school know about this without breaking that separation church/state mandate.
    Oh well.

  • Kelley

    I think only the interns do that. 😉

  • Scott

    “Home Address”…whelp looks like I’m going to have to furiously check my mail after I sign up. 

  • Austin

    Wish I could, but I can’t put my address.

  • UbiDubiKid#1 is now signed up, thanks!  UbiDubiKid#2 would like to, but is still  in middle school. (Does that count?  Can she go ahead and join now also?)

  • ah, but does it have to be from an accredited college??

  • Kevin mays

    I just signed up as well. I’m curious to what type of swag they will send me. Anyone know?

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