They’re Always Grasping at Invisible Straws… April 4, 2012

They’re Always Grasping at Invisible Straws…

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  • Invisible Straws to build strawmen.

  • Robster

    The word “nothing” describes god (and the jebus version, along with the ol’ mo), perfectly.

  • Mack

    This will be fun! Here’s a game to play: I hope many rally to help reason how this happened?

  • No need to reason – God did it. He fits in the gaps quite nicely, no?

    I’m curious. Say this woman goes on with her life, and … I don’t know … say she pulls a gun and kills a bunch of people. How do you then look back at this ‘miracle’?
    I’d be most amused to see a Christian tie himself into knots reasoning this away.

  • Harknights

    B ecause there is no chance that she just opened the door?

  • Apparently, index fingers are a sign from god.

  • Easy.  She’ll have enabled that many more people to let Christ into their lives to assuage the pain and grief. 

    Just THINK of how many devout Jews and Christians that Hitler fellow created!

  • That’s the thing with religion.  Anything can be interpreted as a “sign”–and in any direction.  You’re trying to decide whether you should buy a new car and you ask God to help.  Look, there’s a stone you hadn’t noticed before–it must be a sign from God.  Obviously he wants you to buy that car!

  • Mack

    Don’t you think someone would have asked her and she would have said yeah, I finally found the door handle and opened that thing up. I’m pretty sure those questions were asked.

    Also, have you ever seen studies on how hard it is to open a door under water? The weight of water (about 8lbs a gallon) makes it pretty tough, especially for a panicked female. 

  • Mack

    Yes! Let’s play with stupid hypothetical situations that haven’t happened yet. For instance, let’s say aliens came here and subplanted life on earth when previously there was none. Because THAT makes a whole lot of sense ?!?!

    Someday those aliens are going to come back and see what nasty slobs the human race has become. They are going to be angry and therefore take us out. We should start planning some mechanisms for stopping an alien invasion then right? 

    Why hypotheticals?

    FYI my answer would be, a) She was given a gift from God (to still be alive) b) It is entirely possible that someone turns their back on the giver of such a gift. Looking at this site that’s not very far fetched. c) I don’t understand at all your point of your question, especially in light of (b). It sucks, but I’m pretty sure even in our human relationships that people do this all of the time. 

  • Mack

    Great. Yet another person who probably attended the reason rally (o wish they could have) who can’t reason. Splendid

  • Anonymous

    I first thought this video was your perfect example of Christians grasping at straws, given the topic, but after reading your subsequent posts all I can think about is how you could possibly miss the irony. Oh, delicious irony! So since this is obviously a miracle, why didn’t Jesus make her smart enough to not try driving into a lake?

  • Mack

    It’s not irony at all. That’s why I posted it under this thread. I wanted to see what people’s explanation was. I haven’t heard an interview with this woman yet. It could be interesting to hear though. Maybe she could give us some insight either way. 

    And why would He do that when He could do a miracle instead and give people yet one more chance to see Him at work. It’s people’s own fault if they choose to ignore it.

  • mommaJ

    I’m thinking you misunderstood Chris’ post :/

  • ????

  • Drew M.

    My initial thoughts:

    1. It was a Subaru.
    2. Subarus have frameless side windows.
    3. Frameless side windows have been known to flex out substantially (~8in) without breaking.
    4. She was thin enough to be pulled out of a flexed side window.
    5. Window snapped back into place after she was pulled out.

  • Hurleys

    A little over a year ago, a church bus carrying a group of youth returning from a retreat blew a tire, rolled over, and a couple of them died.  Right after the accident, a bus of army medics returning from training came by and helped with the situation.  A friend of mine said to me “It’s a miracle that they were going by at that time.”  And I thought but didn’t say “a better miracle would be to stop the bus from crashing.”

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