It’s My 26th Birthday April 2, 2012

It’s My 26th Birthday

by Jesse Galef –

It’s my birthday!  I turn 26 today, a fun if utterly insignificant anniversary.  It snuck up on me this year – the past month passed in the blink of an eye as I spent all my time acting as Publicity Director for the Reason Rally.  I’m still coming to grips with what we pulled off.  Suddenly, after all the Facebook ads, the media interviews, the emails, the press releases, the organized chaos, and the excitement… it’s over.  And I realize that it’s my birthday.

But that’s the thing – our rally, our movement, our cause – means far more to me than my path around the Sun.  Promoting reason over faith, fighting for the political and social equality of atheists… that’s what I care about.

So if you’re moved to celebrate my birthday with me, please consider supporting the future (and present!) of our movement.  The organization I work for, the Secular Student Alliance, does fantastic work making a difference on campus and in communities across the country, and I can’t think of anything that would mean more to me than supporting their activism.

If you’re a Friendly Atheist reader, you see the constant stream of stories about the great work secular students are doing.  If you went to the Reason Rally, you saw how important students are to the movement.

I’m going to steal an idea from Hemant and ask you to celebrate with me by donating $26 to the SSA today.  We even have a matching offer from members Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss, so any donations will be doubled!

I’m so proud to be a part of this community.  Here’s hoping I get to spend another year doing what I love with all of you!

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  • Happy birthday, Jesse. It was good to see you there at the Reason Rally. Thank you for doing so much work to help it be a historic success. My gift to SSA is in the fund. 

  • Happy Birthday whipper snapper!

  • Satia Renee

    This is a wonderful idea.  I wish I could donate but I’m unemployed.  The idea is brilliant, however, and I hope you will continue to do it for many birthdays to come because I can’t be unemployed forever.  I’d even use your idea, what with my birthday being two days from today, but I am much older than you are and I am not sure the people I know would be that generous.

  • Happy Birthday Jesse! It was nice to meet a fellow (albeit much more seasoned) FA contributor at aacon2012 🙂 

  • Done, Happy Birthday Jesse

  • So I guess you’re no longer a square, eh? 🙂

  • Today’s my 23rd birthday, and because of this post I’ve donated $23 to SSA, and another $23 to Ultimate Peace.  Thanks for sharing!

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