This is Our National Holiday, Right? April 1, 2012

This is Our National Holiday, Right?

Considering how many Christians looooooove to point out that April Fools Day is an atheists’ holidayThey believe in reason and logic and science?! Fools… — I suppose it makes sense to hold the Reason Rally and Rock Beyond Belief events so close to it…

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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    There’s one problem, April Fools Day isn’t a national holiday. 

  • Anonymous

    I sometimes surprise myself by how sheltered I am from fundamentalist thinking. When I read “this is our national holiday” I didn’t even contemplate that this could be an insult. My thought was “Hmm well he has a point. April Fools Day is all about fooling people with things that look superficially true but can be uncovered as false with a little digging. It’s a day when you are enouraged to be very skeptical of anything you hear, because a prank may be on the horizon.”


  • RTH

    Actually, CoboWowbo, it is.

  • Alice

    It’s pretty close to Easter too…

  • Anonymous

    It’s not. If anything, it might be considered a national observance.

  • Fargofan1

    When the “atheists are fools” verse comes up, it’s a good time to quote Matthew 5:22 where Jesus says, “Anyone who says, ‘You fool’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.” Granted, I’m not sure how historically reliable that is, and Jesus himself also called people fools. But it might stop Christians from insulting you, at least.

  • TCC

    I was replying with that verse to people on Twitter, and one responded, “Atheists aren’t my brothers in Christ.” You have to really ignore the context (Matthew 5) to be able to dismiss that criticism.

  • Is this because of that “A Fool says ‘There is no gawd’…” verse?

    Oh, how ever so nice got the gawd-botherers to pick our holidays for us…

    April First used to be a special day for me. this was the day i used to go tell people that I got Saved. Yep, got down on my knees, asked Jeebus into my heart, and WOOSH! there he was! I’d get all tickled and choked up and start laughing and people would get choked up and say “Praise GAWD, Jay! That’s WUNNERFUL!”

    And then I’d say “April Fool!”

  • BenFromCA

    To I Claudia:

    Same thought! Of course it’s an atheist holiday.  It’s a
    tongue-in-cheek poke at human credulity.  Aliens, ghosts,
    life-after-death – what could be better! [well, there is Halloween – not
    atheist, but still an atheist “poke fun” favorite]. In fact, I was
    thinking of celebrating by holding a church service.  I just couldn’t
    decide which “God” to worship.

    Oh, and just because it’s April Fool’s Day (ok, because I fat-fingered an entry) this comment is also attached to a blog post two days later, where it makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Sideshow Billybob

    Hell, I’ll GLADLY take April Fool’s Day as our holiday. Better to be a fool on one day as opposed to being one for the other 364.

  • Yoav

    I’m surprised I didn’t see any “happy atheist day” posts from Eric Hovind that traditionally appear  on every single atheist website within seconds of midnight on March 31st, did everyone finally blocked him or was he caught with his hand in the cookie jar and joined his daddy in jail?
    My standard response whenever someone throw the, a fool say in his heart there is no god line is to add, and a smart man say it out loud.

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