Ich Bin Ein Polynomial April 1, 2012

Ich Bin Ein Polynomial

The Oatmeal has posted a follow-up to his last cartoon about atheism:

No wonder people hate math so much…

(via Atheist in a Mitten)

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  • Anonymous

    It was a real problem, and they just couldn’t solve it. If only they were open-minded enough to consider more complex solutions….

  • Let the jokes about God and imaginary numbers commence.

    P.S. Did you notice how many people called out Oatmeal on saying Hitler was an atheist? 🙂

  • Troy Truchon

     He also fails to note that Russian Orthodox Christians made up the majority of Russians fighting the “Godless” capitalists in the name of communism. What the leadership of a country believe, and what the people actually enacting their policies believe do not have to be quite the same thing.

  • Jett Perrobone

    Maths can actually be useful in battle.  You don’t know how to use a gun properly until you learn trigger-nometry. 😉

  • TnkAgn

    Hitler was no atheist. He was a nominal Catholic who used the church to further the cause of Fascism in Germany. Otherwise it’s pretty funny!

  • SimonPure

     Germany and Russia were ostensibly Christian nations. Neither had any trouble finding enough people to do the dirty work.

  •  It’s pointed out in the comic that he wasn’t an atheist.

  • Robyman444

    I’m almost finished reading a book called “The Nazi Seizure of Power.” It’s a five-year study of the changes one German town went through (from 1930-1935) and it makes a very clear statement that their Lutheran church was highly active in promoting the Nazi party, its agenda and Hitler.

  • Pseudonym

    And on the flip side, just because a twisted arsehole commits an atrocity “in the name of” X does not mean that X is the cause of the atrocity. Remember, the US and its allies invaded Iraq in the name of “security”, “freedom” and “democracy”.

  • TnkAgn

    And so it does! My mistake.

  • Anonymous-Sam

    Except that because rape, murder, slavery and denial of human rights is a major recurring theme in the Bible… well, yeah.

  • Anonymous

    Except Hitler was not an atheist, as Richard Carrier has proven. All atheist meme is based on false quotations.

  • Anonymous

    Not really. It was in such fine print that it is hard to notice and especially if you have poor eyesight.

  • Pseudonym

     Racism, sexism, classism and imperialism are major recurring themes in the history of democracy, especially American democracy.

  • Anonymous-Sam

    But Democracy doesn’t say “And now you should go rape, murder and enslave people.” The Bible does. It gives explicit moral instructions on how to commit mass murder, take sex slaves of defeated peoples’ wives and daughters, and the proper method to beat your slaves.

  • Pseudonym

     I think you might be hung up on the whole Bible thing. Most Christians are theists, not bibliomancers.

    The Bible was used by slaveowners to justify owning slaves. It was also used by slaves to justify why they should be well-treated and free, and as comfort when things were bad.

    If you’re determined to be an arsehole, you’ll find any pretext to justify that.

  • No one has mentioned Mao Ze Dung or Pol Pot, persons whose murderous movements were partly based on elimination of all religious beliefs in the populace. State as God. Not atheism, but the other opposite of religion.

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