A Catholic Rally Protest Sign? March 31, 2012

A Catholic Rally Protest Sign?

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  • The ad which posted next to this said “Earn a Bible Degree”.

  • Miko

    It’s telling that there are actually people out there who would disagree with the message of this sign and some of them would even be hypocritical enough to call themselves “pro-choice.”

  • You fail to understand that the Catholic Church does not want to pay for things it does not agree with.  Think of it this way.  Would you want your tax dollars to pay for Bibles given out at a College/School for a Bible as Literature class?  Would you want your tax dollars to pay for textbooks that teach both evolution and creationism?      
    This is not about the Church getting into the personal lives of people.  

  • Collin

    Well, the Catholic Church is not required to pay  for things it doesn’t agree with.   Affiliations of the church, for example hospitals and universities, which are receiving, yes!, my tax dollars, are a different matter.  And furthermore, it is the insurance company which will provide the services, not the church.  Because of the ridiculous stance of the church and its enablers, the costs of unwanted pregnancy, which are huge compared to birth control costs,  are past on to us taxpayers by the insurance companies.  So yes, taxpayers are subsidizing your foolishness.  Furthermore,  the insurance plan provided by the employer, just as with the salary, belong to the employee, not the employer.  Surely you don’t think the church should be able to prevent employees from paying out of their salary for things with which it doesn’t agree?

  •  “You fail to understand that the Catholic Church does not want to pay for things”


  • My tax dollars subsidize the Catholic church, and every other church that doesn’t pay  any taxes (which is all of them).  My tax dollars pay for “faith based” charities that are in direct opposition to my values.   Funny I can’t decide that my tax dollars won’t go to any religious organizations while religious organizations that take *my money*, and the tax money of millions of others,  want to turn around and use their chosen religious beliefs to discriminate against the very people who keep them afloat.

     When the Catholic church stops running businesses in the secular world, complete with all of the associated tax benefits and profits, they can choose what they will and will not pay for.   Until then they have to play by the same rules and laws as any other business.   It’s high time religious groups stop thinking they can benefit from the secular world while claiming special rights because of their “religious beliefs”. 

  • I stand with the Catholic church’s ability to stop taking our tax dollars any time it wants to.  Until then it needs to stop whining about not having any special rights. 

  • Anonymous

    You and the Catholic Church need to learn how insurance work. Aside from that, schools, universities and hospitals are NOT churches. They don’t deserve any exemptions from the law. They are secular institutions with secular functions, and most of them time they are largely publicly funded. Most importantly, their employees come from all kinds of religions. The church has no right to tell it’s non-Catholic employees that they need to follow Catholic rules

  • Anonymous

    This comic is actually very badly worded, in my opinion. I don’t believe this is the stance of the catholic church, and if they really only wanted the freedom to make a moral objection, I could very well be the one standing there with the sign and wearing the shirt. The freedom to simply make an objection is fundamental to this country, and I would never truly want to take away their right to say anything they want, even if I disagree with it.

    The problem is that this is not the stance of the catholic church. What they want is the freedom to discriminate against those which have beliefs that aren’t completely identical to theirs, even if those people are members of the church, and force them to submit to the churches opinion whether they want to or not. That, to me, is a breach of a persons rights and should be fought on all fronts.

    The comic should be more clear about the fact that it’s not the objection that is problematic, but the attempt to force anybody to submit to it is.

  • M J Shepherd

     Critique received.

  • Brian Pansky

     hmmm, their tax dollars also fund benefits for married couples.  We should probably let them veto the benefits for marriages of which teh catholics disapprove.

  • Yes, I’ve been getting more and more religious ads lately myself, especially since I circled a bunch of freethinkers/skeptics/atheists on Google+ who talk a lot about religion.

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