Video of My Reason Rally Speech March 30, 2012

Video of My Reason Rally Speech

thinkb4utype22 got video of my speech at the Reason Rally. (Thanks!)

The prepared transcript is right here, if you’d like to follow along 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve asked around but I’ve gotten no response: Did Rebecca Watson attend the Reason Rally last week end? You probably could have found her by looking for a lone woman in the crowd with no one willing to come within about a 20 foot radius of her.

  • Hemant, your speech was excellent! Very good for the cause. Awesome.

  •  could I have found you by looking for a smug troll?

  • Anonymous

    I think from all the videos I’ve seen of reason rally, this speech was  the most important.

    Richard Dawkins is a big draw and everyone likes to hear him talk but like others that spoke it was akin to frat boys giving each other over a high five over their own belief of awesomeness.

    I’ve seen a lot of speeches over the years and almost all of them are “preaching to the converted”
    But This speech had an importance to it that surpassed all the others. It was nice to see someone not just celebrate being an atheist with a cheering crowd but to lay down some directions for atheist. All the points made were important and if the young and old follow them you could achieve the original ideals of a completely secular country.

    It will still be an uphill battle but if people take to heart your advise Hemant progress WILL be made. Whether the fundies like it or not.

  • MurOllavan

    This is as good of a place as any, but did anything Silverman say get caught on camera at all? It seems there are no videos of that anywhere.

    advancedatheist is: continual evidence that atheism alone has zero correlation to rationality or morality.

  • Anonymous

    All the videos I’ve seen so far seem to have been recorded by random people that are just in the crowd. While I’m definitely grateful to be able to see them at all, the quality of them definitely detracts from the message because it makes it difficult for me to concentrate on what’s being said.

    I see what look to be a professional team of videographers on just about every video and I was wondering if there’s a way to get my hands on the video they made. Is this going to be released as a DVD at some future point, go on Youtube, or possibly be found at some other website? Better quality video would substantially help my focus and allow me to be better able to really understand the speakers properly.

  • The professional DVD will be released soon.

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