Filipino Freethinkers Host Their Third Forum March 30, 2012

Filipino Freethinkers Host Their Third Forum

The Filipino Freethinkers are putting together an event on Sunday, April 1st called “R.S.S. (Reason, Science, and Secularism) Forum 2012.”

It’s free to attend — just RSVP:

[The event will] feature discussions on on the reproductive health bill, freedom of expression, LGBT (lesbian gay bisexual and transgender) rights, science and freedom of religion. “Public awareness of secularism is at an all-time high,” according to Pepe Bawagan, FF Secularism Advocacy Director, “and with this event, we hope to keep moving forward towards our vision of a society that is vigilant against religious meddling in governance.”

Even better, they’re offering an award to the “Bigot of the Year” and donating PhP 10,000 (about $233 in the US) to a “deserving organization that works to uplift the conditions of the offended group or works to fight for a good cause the awardee has opposed.” It’s a terrific way to fight back against the hate 🙂

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  •  Thanks, Hemant and Richard, for always helping us out since we started more than 3 years ago! 🙂

  • Norm Faner.

    Thanks, Hemant, for featuring FFFF.

  •  GO FILIPINO FREETHINKERS! I hope your forum is a big success.  I’d drive over there just to see it, but it’s 7,712 miles, or 11,712 kilometers, and the water is so deep it would probably stall my car. Anyway, I’ll be there in “spirit,” for want of a better word.