This Is Your Brain… March 28, 2012

This Is Your Brain…

On Monday, the Oklahoma House approved a resolution to adopt “In God We Trust” as the state’s official motto.

This resolution replaces the perfectly cromulent Latin phrase “Labor Omnia Vincit” or “Labor Conquers All Things” found on the state seal as described in the original constitution and long assumed to be the state motto.

Unfortunately, amid the tumultuous business of starting a state, the founders never got around to declaring it an official “motto.” Thankfully, the current House has found time during a legislative slow spell to correct this mistake.

The resolution now heads to the Senate for consideration.

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  • ludovico

    I just thank god that I live in a country where state legislatures don’t have to worry about passing bills concerning infrastructure, education, taxation, health care, corporate regulation, the environment, etc., because if we don’t have an official motto, then the terrorists have won. Or something.

  • Vine DSL

    Ain’t nothin mo dangeris den a Dum Okie …I tell you what!

  • Oklahoma, where to go if you’re too damn crazy for Texas. 

    Yeti Christo

  • Jules3791

    “Labor Conquers All Things” is a great motto though!  Teaches the people to be good little workers!  (insert sarcastic tone here)

  • Anonymous

    If I lived in OK, I definitely would NOT trust in God… haven’t they noticed they’re in the middle of tornado alley? Their god does NOT like them!

    Edit: Instead I’d trust in good strong home construction ordinances!

  • The two dumbest senators in the US are BOTH from Oklahoma.  This is just the farm team holding practice.

  • Jules3791

    Boy that is what I call a GREAT attitude…

  •  it’s a little too godwin-able for my tastes

  • SteveS

    OK… doesn’t their all-powerful god send the occasional tornado or dustbowl to afflict the faithful along with the heathens??? I just don’t get it. How can this all-powerful,, all caring god keep flinging weather catastrophes at the faithful – and still have to kill flocks of blackbirds and schools of fish because congressmen and senators vote to end DADT… Gawd must be terribly busy.

  • I figured it sounded too pro-union for the conservative legislature.

  • Fentwin

    “Labor Conquers All Things”

    Reminds me of a similar phrase, “Works sets you free”.  Now, if I could just recall where I saw that. (scratches chin hairs)

  • Sue Blue

    Why can’t they just be honest and make their motto “In White Male Republican Jesus We Trust”?  When I see legislation like this I always think of that old saying “Stupid is as stupid does”.   Is the Oklahoma House a church or a governmental branch?  Or is there not any difference anymore?  

  • Duffy166

    Certainally explains why our , opps, i mean their christian state is so corrupt.  I just live here by accident of birth .  The rights of  anyone who uses logic and  reason instead of superstition can and will be  ignored.  If this state didn’t have large reserves of gas and oil and a lot of gov’t sub. farms it would be bankrupt with these greedy vindictive running the state. 

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