Richard Dawkins’ Speech at the American Atheists Convention March 27, 2012

Richard Dawkins’ Speech at the American Atheists Convention

With an introduction by Sean Faircloth, here’s Richard Dawkinsspeech from the American Atheists convention this past weekend (just ignore that opening music…):

Pastor Mike Aus makes an appearance in that video. It was only hours prior to that when Aus came out as an atheist for the first time on Up with Chris Hayes:

There’s also video of Dawkins interviewing Aus in which they talk about the Clergy Project:

As always, if you notice a particularly great clip, leave the timestamp and summary in the comments!

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  • Edward Tarte

    Hello, Hemant. Please forgive me for being ‘off-topic.’  You and I are both atheists, both math teachers, both active on the Internet; you have been kind enough to post a few of my videos. You are totally awesome.  This comment is a reference to your parenthetical “just ignore that opening music.”  That opening music, as well as the music at the end of the video, is from one of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Orchestral Suites.  I have 600 YT videos.  123 of them are religion videos: 13 1/2 hours;  I am a passionate advocate for atheism.  198 of them are my Mr. Music videos, inspired by the years when as a high school math teacher I promoted classical music on the side.  They comprise 109 hours.  I am a passionate advocate for classical music.   I am sending you two of my shorter Mr. Music videos.  I hope that you can squeeze into your mind-boggling schedule enough time to watch them.  Even if they don’t interest you in the least, that’s ok.  The bottom line is:  Whatever music you enjoy, happy listening:)

  • Derek And Clive

    Classical is great.   As is Modern Jazz 🙂

  • I don’t have a problem with the music by itself — it just seemed like an unnecessary (and strange) way to begin the video.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is false to state that morality is not involved in what you do with “your naughty bits” and also think Aus is mistaken in confining morality to the issue of charity. On can use ones naughty bits in ways that are detrimental to others, and yourself. Since morality is about avoiding harmful behavior directed outward and inward your naughty bits fall under its domain. For instance, if you have an STD then your naughty bits shall not come into direct contact with another uninfected individual, and even with protection you shall inform them of your condition. That is a perfectly valid moral statement.

    Part of morality is acting in our own enlighten self interest, and this is where many religions get it wrong. Morality is subjective in many cases because who we are, the self, differs between individuals. An enlightened view is that not being true to the self where it does not harm others is causing pointless harm to the self. Sometimes this failure to be true to the self can in and of itself cause harm to others. For example, a gay person marrying a heterosexual in order to fit into society, which harms both parties in the long run.

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