Glenn Beck Goes After the Reason Rally March 27, 2012

Glenn Beck Goes After the Reason Rally

Hey, guess who found out about the Reason Rally?

Glenn Beck. (I know, I know, you forgot all about him until this moment. So did everyone else.)

What did Beck pick up from the soundbytes he heard?

  • Tim Minchin performed a song that used the word “motherfucker” a whole bunch of times. How will the children survive?! (The point of Minchin’s song was even shown in the clip Beck played.)
  • Todd Stiefel donated funding that made the Reason Rally possible! Yes… and apparently, no Christian has ever given money to any cause ever. Nice piece of journalism there, Glenn.
  • The atheists stood in the same area Martin Luther King once spoke! How *dare* we share public space with someone who stood there decades ago?
  • Look at the official (?!?) atheist symbol! It resembles the anarchy symbol!

    I didn’t even know we had an official symbol. Maybe that’s because we don’t. In any case, I’m shocked that two versions of the letter A look kind of similar. SHOCKED, I TELL YOU!

  • Beck says:

    One wonders why the vast majority of outspoken Atheists aren’t content to operate within a “live and let live” framework, but rather proactively seek out opportunities to disparage or challenge their ideological opposites.

    We’re all about “live and let live.” What we’re not going to do is stand by while religious ideologues turn their beliefs into public law. We’re not going to let our country turn into a theocracy. We’re not going to let faulty thinking go by unchallenged. We want absolute separation between church and state. We’re ready to fight back.

Beck gets at least one thing right, though:

“The atheists are coming together and they’re getting louder!”

Yes, we are. Be prepared.

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  • Coyotenose

    We already knew Beck was a hypocritical opportunist and scam artist, but: isn’t he the scum who tried to co-opt the anniversary of MLK’s march in 2010, and claimed it was a coincidence that he was standing on the same spot, on the same day, with MLK’s daughter?

  • Beck and butthead both begin with the letter B!!  Clearly from his logic this must mean they are one in the same!  

  • PJB863

    When you’re a washed up , old has-been gasbag like Beck, you have to do something to try to appear relevant.  I give him credit though, it took him a lot less time to become a washed up old has-been gasbag than it took Pat Robertson, so Beck apparently is a fast worker.

  • Captain America (original version.)


  • Bluebury

    Holy cow I need to watch Glenn Beck.  When they had the split frame of his face and HIS FACE I audibly gasped.  Can someone explain the insane looking spiral on the board?

    Also, Glenn, buddy.  Coming from a literature major with a weakness for old old books, but one some gloves when you handle that thing?  Most people have oils on their hands that break down paper, but I can’t imagine the bull shit on your hands is doing it much better.

  • Some random guy made the same observation about the anarchy A at an SSA table I was at awhile back. Everyone that heard shot him a perplexing look. Where ever that guy is, I’m sure he is super happy to find out that his line of logic follows that of Glenn Beck 😡

  • Annie

    “Our mall”??  “Our military”??  Whatever, Glenn.  Incidentally, I brought my 12 year old to the Reason Rally.  She thought Minchin was hilarious, as did I.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is just jealous that our rally was bigger than his.

  • Volmstead99

    Glenn Beck has Syphilis from all those sloppy seconds with Rush Limbaughs 18 wives.  Show some respect please.  

  • Jccarter25

    I’d be more than happy to “live and let live” if the religious extremists would do the same. Beck’s a moron and a disingenuous liar.

  • Don Gwinn

    That is fascinating.  I hadn’t realized that I was part of the Radical Left Fringe.  

    I’m a lot more used to being accused of being a crazy Right Wing Radical.

  • Oh, the poor, poor christians.  boo hoo.

  • Radical left fringe makes me think haircuts. I really should reccomend that to my stylist. “I’d really like to dye my bangs red, and get a radical left fringe”

  • Jeff Samuelson

    TWDW; (Too Wacky, Didn’t Watch ) But still…

    Frankly I’m tickled that Beck covered the rally. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Besides, I take a sort of sick pleasure in thinking our growing presence scares the willies out of his target audience.

    Not a very mature or sophisticated attitude, I admit, but there it is.

  • Didn’t Glenn Beck once claim Penn Gillette as a friend, and a counter example to the “you have to have God to have morality”?  I recall him talking to- Bill O’Reilly?  And almost saying “Sean Penn” and quickly correcting to Penn Gillette.

    Did Penn ever respond to that?  I mean I know Penn is Libertarian, but I’d kind of suspect that Penn would rather be at Reason Rally than WTF Glenn put on.

  • Funny how he doesn’t notice the similarity between the crucifix and the swastika 😀

  • Well, the “A” could also look like a symbol for The Avengers. Does that mean we’re trying to be super heroes? Please? 😉

  • Having my child hear the word motherfucker or having my child molested by a catholic priest?  Motherfucker wins every damn time.

  • Renshia

    Yes. yes it does. Now go put on your long underwear, go stop crime and be proud of the man you have become!

  • One wonders why the vast majority of outspoken religious people aren’t content to operate within a “live and let live” framework, but rather proactively seek out opportunities to disparage or challenge their ideological opposites.
    I fixed Beck’s quote. No need to thank me.

  • Renshia

    Oh, that’s just great. Another conspiracy theory. Just what we need.

  • Sambricky

    hey Glen Beck, I’ll have a chat with you. If you got the balls.

  • Renshia

    well, call me weird, but i think you would look great.

  • I saw his website “The Blaze” had two guys there.  They were interviewing the guy dressed like Jesus riding a dinosaur.  I pointed them out, I said “isn’t The Blaze Glenn Beck’s website?”  and they were like, yeah.  NO ONE ELSE around, watching the interview, knew what “The Blaze” was and everyone was taken aback, a bit. I said to the other folks standing around that they were just gonna twist what was said, twist the meaning and twist the atmosphere to make us look bad.  I knew they were interviewing the guy dressed like Dino Jesus to get the silliest, most offensive soundbites.  I asked them if they wanted MY opinion and they said “na, we’re done here.”

  • Supermoves3000

     Is he doing the “Professor Beck” thing again?   The blackboard and chalk… the glasses to give him a scholarly look… I’m surprised he didn’t put on a graduation gown and mortarboard to really make the point.

    The blackboard says “class is in session”, but the crazy cut-outs make it look like the wall of a detective’s office on a TV show. Where they put photos of suspects and evidence and stand there starting at it saying “how does it all fit together… what is the connection we’re missing? Wait– a-ha! The A! The A isn’t for atheism… it’s for Anarchy!  Put out an APB on this guy Dawkins– he’s an anarchist!”

  • Annie

    I loved the blackboard.  I would happily pay to have a t-shirt with that image.  And if the proceeds went to an atheist organization, I promise to buy two!

  • Gunstargreen

    Is there really any reason to give Glenn Beck any coverage at this point?

  • Sooooo…”anti”-semite/”anti”-Christian is out of line, but any Muslim-sympathisers are the absolute scum of the world and want to eat your babies?

    I am so glad I now know the truth given to me by this incredibly wise man.

  • Joe Shmo

    I hate glenn beck. But come on atheist. Do not give the religious right the ammunition they need to attack us. I realyl only listened to that song before i had to stop. what a fool. We have a great opportunity to show people why we are better, that we are tolerante of religious beliefs. Then we have that idiot dropping the F-bomb attacking religion. Have some respect for yourselves and do not drop down to their level. I believe it is the extremes that make it a mess for the moderates. Religion is here to stay. Live with it. Take out the extremist and unite the moderates and we win. By the way I am an atheist. 

  • Dwight Welch

    Just to be obscure, I’m a fan of a number of University of Chicago theologians from the early 20th century, so was bugged that he never mentioned the author of the 1912 book (mainly because I might have it)

  • “One wonders why the vast majority of outspoken Atheists aren’t
    content to operate within a “live and let live” framework, but rather
    proactively seek out opportunities to disparage or challenge their
    ideological opposites.”

    Gee, that sounds exactly like Beck and all of his friends.

  • dauntless

    Yaltero the truth.


    Yaltero like it is.

  • Dan

    Anyone notice this…

    Actual lyrics: “The Pope protected *priests* when they were getting fucking fiddly.”

    Beck lyrics: “The Pope protected *Greece* when they were getting fucking fiddly.”

  • Miko

    So he simultaneously alleges that all atheists are closet anarchists and then accuses us of not supporting a “live and let live” philosophy.  I wonder if anyone ever pointed out to him that anarchism is the purest embodiment of “live and let live” in existence…

  • Anonymous

    “Live and let live” so all of the religious extremists could walk all over women, gays and non christians. 

    The anarchy and atheist symbols are similar? Kind of grasping at straws there, aren’t you Beck. 

  • Annie

    What is  so terribly evil about dropping the F-bomb?  It’s a word, and it’s a word that is not derogatory towards anyone.  This idea that we must be prudes is ridiculous.  Atheists will be verbally assaulted regardless of what language we use, so I say be yourself.  It’s also important to remember that Minchin is a comedian.  He’s not a school teacher or a politician.  The fact that Beck even bothered to comment on his language, which was inoffensive to most (but perhaps not to Catholics), shows how he is grabbing at straws.  If this is his big complaint, I think we can just laugh a little and be on our merry way.

  • Dwayne

    Thank you.

  • The Fat Solution

    Whoever transcribed Tim Minchins song got it wrong! It was protected Preists not Greece! You freaking dolt!

  • Dwayne

    Glasses, professor and chalkboard? Santorum would not approve.

  • jkmiami89

    I  love the wrong subtitles for Time Minchin…

  • I wondered what happened to Glenn Beck (but not for too long). He was channeled in a crazy global warming debate I was having with a couple of close friends of mine, and as with that debate, I didn’t expect him to pop up in any conversation where “reason” was a ticket for entry. Thanks for sharing Hemant.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed that too. ”
    The pope protected Greece when they were getting fucking fiddly ”  ? Huh? I think the line is “protected priests when they were getting fiddly.” 

    You stupid motherfucker.

  • I “liked” to compensate for the aversion to thanks 🙂

  • It could also stand for the “almighty” which would obviously prove we worship ourselves. Oh the idiocy, er, I mean agony.

  • I gotta say, christians are symbol driven and prone to conspiracy theory. I can easily see how this would be seen like this by them. And honestly the atheists who use that should have seen it coming immediately.

  • What’s the matter Glen, your magic underwear are not working for you today? Got a hard time understanding simple logic.

  • Dan Augusta

    An A in a circle? I had no idea Twitter was so full of anarchists.

  • Jack

    psh … it doesn’t look like the anarchy symbol at all. It looks like the Star Fleet insignia if anything.

  •  you seriously think swearing is worse than raping kids?

  • Demonhype

     Oh.  Kay.

    So either he’s too damn lazy to bother looking up the lyrics to make sure he got them right, or there’s some kind of obscure thing involving Greece that he wants to include in his version of the lyrics because he thinks it will make us look bad.  I don’t even know how to read their motivations anymore, really.

  • Demonhype

    Don’t fight, Lucy.  It’s so much better if you don’t fight.

  • Demonhype

     I have to wonder what he thinks his screwed up lyrics are even supposed to mean (supposing that he screwed them up accidentally), much less how they indicate the total depravity of atheism.

  • Oh, Glenn Beck and his lovely Blackboard of teh Conspiracy. Adorable. Did he manage to connect us to George Soros, Noam Chomsky and Osama Bin Laden in six steps?

    Surprised at the “anarchy” thing, because I thought now that the evil socialist nanny-state democrats are in power, Glenn Beck was advocating violent rebellion as a matter of course.

  • Anonymous

     M.J. Shepherd should do a sketch showing Greece  hanging around outside
    a daycare. 😛 (Stalky-eyed daycare worker: “I have no idea what it’s
    doing here, but they say it’s protected by the Pope…”)

  • Anonymous

    “The atheists are coming together and they’re getting louder!”
    When does congregating at a common venue in support of your ideas and opinions ever a crime? Religious folks do it all the time and loudly too; it’s called Church.

  • cipher

    One wonders why the vast majority of outspoken Atheists aren’t content to operate within a “live and let live” framework, but rather proactively seek out opportunities to disparage or challenge their ideological opposites.

    I’ve said it many times, and I’m sure I’ll say it many more – fundamentalists (and Beck qualifies as one) have no sense of irony.

  • So now Glenda has added us to his Blackboard Of Doom….more of his standard “Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh MY!” routine. So what….. his audience is now around the 250,000 level (at best) and The Blaze is widely recognised as a wingnut site on the same level as WND.

    The really funny bit? Accusing Jmmy Carter of being in league with us evil baby eating atheists. Isnt he the POTUS that went on TV and chided the US public for worshipping consumer culture rather than being good Christians? Duuuuuurrrrr…..

    Anyways….Im off….my rack of baby back ribs is ready and Im hungry for another plate of the other white meat 😉

  • Anonymous

    Dang – I had to look that quote up: 
    “Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared!” Well played!

  • Carla

    psh. snobs.

  • Carla

    Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared…. (I’m surprised I’m only the second person to say that!)

    Our new theme song:

  • atoswald

    One wonders why the vast majority of outspoken Christians aren’t content to operate within a “live and let live” framework, but rather proactively seek out opportunities to disparage or challenge their ideological opposites.

    See, Glen? We can do it too.

    As for Tim Minchin, I stood side by side with my sixteen year old daughter just a few feet from the stage as he performed “Pope Song” and neither of us could decide which was funnier; Tim Minchin and his lyrics or S.B. Morgaine’s interpretations. Brilliant! Guess that makes me a bad parent!

  • Julie Watson

    Woooo hoooooo!!!  This post gave me goosebumps on my goosebumps!

  • Waybeyondsoccermom

    I came to the rally with my 15 year old daughter. Overall, we had a great time. But, regarding the f- bombs….yes, my daughter tells me she hears bad language at high school, but no one in our home speaks that way, and it’s not an environment I want her exposed to. I was disappointed in anyone with a microphone at the rally, including the emcee Paul Provenza as well as Tim Minchin. Before Minchin came on stage, I was wondering what material he would use and would he self-edit. The only word he didn’t say, which he does say in his shows, was “c*nt”. Instead, he encouraged the crowd to say it instead. Not really the best solution. Like the other parent who wrote up above, I was disappointed in the lack of good judgment shown by the adults. Two of the best speeches of the day were delivered by Adam Savage and Jessica Ahlquist, and they both showed you could connect with the audience without using words that need to be bleeped. I’ve been on the Mall many times with my family over the years, and I am embarrassed as a member of the Atheist community that so many families enjoying the cherry blossoms and the museums were exposed to the language. Those families didn’t share in the context of the discussion of the rally. They were bystanders and caught in the crossfire of f-bombs, not to mention the Atheist families who were encouraged to bring their children to the rally. The National Mall is different than an enclosed convention room. The one fortunate thing is that the Camp Quest tent, though it had a live feed, was unable to actually broadcast the sound and could only show the video of the Rally. I can only begin to imagine the outrage if the speeches had actually been heard within the CQ tent.

  • I’d add that atheists want to protect vulnerable children from being preyed upon by evangelicals who want to fill their mind with dangerous nonsense before they have a chance to develop critical thinking skills.

  • Julie Watson

    p.s. 80% off of Glenn Beck!

  • Yulaffin

    Glenn Beck?  Is he still around?

  • MPM

    That’s not an anarchy symbol.  It’s clearly the Aquabats emblem.  

  • Rieux

    Yes, Minchin pretty much makes that point himself in one of the later verses of the song:

    And if you look into your motherfucking heart and tell me true
    If this motherfucking stupid fucking song offended you
    With its filthy fucking language and its fucking disrespect
    If it made you feel angry go ahead and write a letter

    But if you find me more offensive than the fucking possibility
    The pope protected priests when they were getting fucking fiddly
    Then listen to me motherfucker, this here is a fact
    You are just as morally misguided as that motherfucking
    Power-hungry, self-aggrandised bigot in the stupid fucking hat.

  • Rieux

    I agree with your general point and not Joe’s, but it should be noted:

    It’s a word, and it’s a word that is not derogatory towards anyone.

    That may be true in general about “fuck,” but the Pope Song has “motherfucker” in it approximately forty times, and  most of them are directed at particular people.

    Which is not to say Minchin is wrong to use derogatory language in this particular context (quite the contrary, I think he’s obviously justified); I’m only pointing out that in the context of that song, the language is severely derogatory toward someone.

  • Annie

    Ooh.  Good point.  I guess I let that slide because I think the pope is worthy of disdain.

  • Anonymous

     15 years old? Wow, she probably knows more cuss words than you… Seriosly, give your kid some slack instead of trying to cover her ears constantly, if she is not a brainwashed fundie, sh’es probably smart enough to know the language she should employ in a conversation.

  • bill l


  • Waybeyondsoccermom/Deanna

    Yep, 15.  But, knowing more cuss words is very different than saying them, or hearing them.  And, yes, she is smart enough to know the language she should employ in a conversation.  And, our family tries to use a lot of the words found in the dictionary, and not just a very small subset of the possibilities.  “Profanity,  evidence of an immature mind trying to express itself.”  
    It boils down to the appropriateness of the language. Let me ask you: if your child attended Camp Quest, would you want a camp counselor to sing Tim Minchin’s “F*ck the mother f*cker” song? Plus, would you want that same person to sing the song using a microphone/amps next to an elementary school while children are outside during recess? The language used by many speakers at the ReasonRally was inappropriate for the setting, the National Mall, where not only rally goers were listening but the thousands of people unaware that the rally was taking place. 

  • Anonymous

     That might bring in a constructive discussion actually, where the teacher explains the reasons why the singer sang all those nasty words and why the children shouldn’t use them.

    I’don’t get the general prudeness about swearing in the US, i saw websites where the word “hell” was censored. If the kids are well educated, they will be imprevious to bad language.

  • Anonymous

    Holy fuck, you have to have an IQ in the single digits to agree with Beck. Does anybody else remember that show he did with some Orthodox Jewish prick who said that atheists were parasites–making Beck beam like a child who just heard a fart joke? That pretty much told me everything I need to know about him and the people who support him.

  • cipher

     Which Orthodox Jewish prick was that, BR?

  • cipher

    It was Daniel Lapin:

    Yes, he’s odious. He’s become the “house rabbi” of the evangelical Right. Most politcially and/or theologically conservative Jews are in bed with the evangelicals these days, but there’s a handful who actually work for their organizations: Lapin,  his disciple and lapdog Michael Medved, Klinghoffer… a few others. Ben Stein starred in that creationist abomination, Expelled. It’s shameful. I don’t know the reason for it; I assume it’s something along the lines of being a big fish in a small pond. With all of the faux Judeophilia rampant in evangelical circles these days, I imagine they get treated like prize-winning poodles. Fundies and conservatives from various cultures and backgrounds have often been quoted as saying they have more in common with fundies and conservatives from other backgrounds than they do with liberals from their own. I certainly feel I have more in common with a liberal Christian than with a Haredi (ultra-Orthodox Jew). I suppose that enters into it as well.

    In any case, the fundies probably do mental gymnastics to get them into heaven; the fact that these Jews aren’t bothered at all by the reality that the people with whom they work every day are perfectly happy to see the vast majority of their Jewish family members and friends burn in hell for all of eternity says a great deal about them. In my eyes, they’re too loathsome and contemptible for words – so I’ll shut up now.

  • Norm

    Any argument made about atheists being just as moral as Christians just got thrown out the window by this post.

  • There’s a big difference between “just as moral” and “more moral”.  The only way your statement holds logically is if Christians never say that kind of stuff about atheists.  They do.  Although, I think it’s less in satire and more in earnest.

    We don’t really think Glenn Beck has syphilis or has had affairs with any of Rush Limbaugh’s ex wives.  Or that Rush Limbaugh has 18 ex wives.  Saying ’18’ rather than the actual ‘four’ is part of the satire.

    On the other hand, when Christians say that atheists cheat and lie and steal any time they think they can get away with it, or can’t be trusted- that’s not a joke.

    Edit: Or ‘immoral’.

  • Anonymous

     That’s him, all right. The first guy to comment at that link you gave me is a fundy Calvinist whose blog I’ve commented on. He still hasn’t shown them yet, but when he does, the fun will begin.

  • cipher

    I don’t think he’s a Calvinist, as he’s exhorting people to “turn to Christ”. A Calvinist wouldn’t phrase it that way.

    Anyway, I read the first post on his blog. Whatever flavor he is, he’s a congenital psychopath.

  • Anonymous

    Trust me, you haven’t seen anything. Remember Freddy Mercury of Queen? Well, he has a post gloating over Freddy’s torments in hell. He also has similar posts for Christopher Hitchens and other deceased atheists. And to top it off, he’s a Cretinist as well.

  • cipher

    It’s getting harder and harder to justify wasting the natural resources that go into their upkeep.

    Eugenics got a bad rap.

  • Hitchens and Mercury will be remembered long after this guy.  Close as we get to life after death.

  • Anonymous

    Why bothering breeding them out of the population and miss out on all of the free entertainment they provide us with? That would be like banning the Marx Brothers.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I am just overly sensitive at the moment, but at around 3:40-4:00, after mentioning the Reason Rally and an atheist event at a military base, he says something like, OUR Mall. OUR military bases.” As in, “our Christian mall and our christian military bases…” to me, that was the most bothersome remark in a nonsensical tirade full of bothersome remarks.

  • cipher

    Well, we’ve had this conversation. You enjoy them. You find them useful for entertainment purposes. I find them appalling, I resent having to live in the same world with them and I want them gone.

    And, as I’ve said many times, it’s now a matter of human continuity. They will be our destruction.

  • Jtmills

    It’s ok for them to knock on your door to push their beliefs  but atheists can’t meet in public. Not putting up with it anymore. 

  • Jessica

    I see your point, but when enormous change is needed, you can’t do it quietly. It would be like if the Civil Rights movement consisted of african americans saying “well, its totally cool to be racist and segregate us, but could we maybe please be counted as human beings with equal rights? Ya know..if thats cool with you…” LOL  Unfortunately revolutions are filled with the voices of the surpressed, belittled, or otherwise trampled upon, and those voices tend to be angry.

  • Agnostic

    I am late to this site but the symbol on the left immediately struck me as an artist’s or stylized drawing of a fetus (maybe closer to that of a rat than human). Everyone sees art differently. I just wander what the artist had in mind when he came up with it. The bold A on the right shows boldness, self-righteousness and aggression. I wander where these logos came from.

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