Atheism Episode of Up with Chris Hayes Now Online March 25, 2012

Atheism Episode of Up with Chris Hayes Now Online

In case, like me, you didn’t get a chance to see the episode this morning, here it is!

Links to the specific segments are below:

Coalescing the atheist political movement.

Atheists, God and the GOP.

Atheism in the public sphere.

How does God fit in with global warming?

Pastor comes out as a non-believer.

As always, if there are any particular clips we should pay attention to, please leave the timestamp and summary in the comments!

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  • Bananafaced

    Great discussion, too little time.

  • TCC

    I really enjoyed the diversity of positions that were articulated, specifically regarding scrutinizing candidates’ religious beliefs more than we already do and on how to interact with believers. I also really enjoyed the interview with Mike Aus, who had some real guts to come out as an atheist on the air like that. The whole episode was incredibly enjoyable to watch, though.

  • So far I’ve only watched the Pastor who outed himself, but it sure sounded like this guy  I’m sure not the same person, but you have to wonder how many more are out there.

  • FSq

    I had to turn off the show when the retard from TN started railing against sound science using such disingenuous argumentation that it made me vomit in my mouth a little.

  • Skjaere

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Chris Hayes can be up with me anytime! *geekcrush*

  • Anonymous

    So you missed the atheists (including Dawkins) actually discussing what was wrong with that line of thinking? I suppose that’s your loss.

  • Anonymous

    Very good discussion. I do wish there had been someone in the first discussion advocating in favor of so-called “evangelical atheism”, or more political activism. Everyone (save to a certain extent Bey) seemed to agree that going after religion directly was a bad idea and it would have been nice to have someone defending a more activist position. However the choice of panel was excellent and the discussion great. I especially liked Jacoby and Bey.

    I think I can honestly say this is the most fair, most elevated and overall best discussion on atheism and how it relates to politics and science I’ve ever seen on television. Massive kudos to Chris, his team and the panel.

  • Anonymous

     hmmm that’s a little odd, because to my ears they sound very different. The guy on the radio had a distinctly higher pitched voice than the guest Chris had. I’ll admit that I haven’t heard the radio interview whole, so it could be that they have suspiciously similar stories,  but then again I’ve heard and read about a fair number of atheist clergy at this point and almost all of them follow similar lines:

    – Grew up in a very religious family
    – Got involved with the church as a youth
    – Married/went to seminary (protestant/catholic) straight out of college to my equally religious spouse.
    – Have been involved in religious life ever since.
    – Started to have doubts about X (this can vary, but it’s very often about the more cruel and apparently unjust doctrines, like Hell or suffering)
    – Doubts grew despite attempts to supress them.
    – Started reading skeptical literature.
    – Atheist.

  • FSq

    I did. It is very hard to get past the idiocy to the smart stuff. But, I have heard the “smart stuff” before, from Dawkins, so I don’t fee too bad for missing it in this venue.

  • Jfigdor

    Who here agrees that Jamila Bey absolutely crushed it? She was the stand-out this time! (no offense Dr. Pinker [yikes, small Harvard Humanist betrayal here…] and Dawkins)

  • Anonymous

    I definitely agree. I’ve read some of her articles, but I’m definitely going to need to pay closer attention to her work from now on.

  • Anonymous

    I particularly loved how, when Dawkins expressed his opinion on how politicians should be challenged on their religion, nearly everyone vehemently disagreed with him.  It made me think with a chuckle about all the times I’ve heard that Dawkins is atheism’s god.  Also, I was really impressed with Pastor Aus, who so bravely admitted his change in views.  It’s amazing that someone so deeply entrenched in a church all of his life was able to examine his beliefs and actually reconsider them.  I truly hope for his sake that the fallout for his revelation isn’t as scary as I imagine it will be.

  •  I particularly liked that Chris and his team didn’t feel the need to involve a Christian panelist. Whenever the media discusses anything about atheism they act like there needs to be a counter balance. It’s unfair in that any mainstream discussion about Christianity doesn’t get treated this way at all.

  • Bluebury

    I was surprised and thrilled that it was a whole panel of non-believers.   No Bill O’Reily-type shouting over each other!  But still a diverse group of opinions and thoughtful discussion.  Good for you, MSNBC!  More please! 

  • Beau McElhattan

     I like your list describing the path to atheism.  Should offer the “married/went to seminary” bullet as optional, though.  🙂

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