Describe an Atheist in 1 or 2 Words March 23, 2012

Describe an Atheist in 1 or 2 Words

Earlier this week, this clue appeared in the LA Times‘ crossword puzzle:

Well, it is A Week, after all… but is “nonbeliever” really the best clue the writers could think of?

Your job: Find a 1 or 2-word clue that would lead to the word “atheist”!

(Thanks to Ken for the link!)

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  • Kaydenpat


  • jbrock


    Or something that would translate roughly as “baby-eater”, anyway.  (“Paedophage” came to mind first, but unfortunately would be much too easily misconstrued by the semiliterate.)

  • Aaron Hildebrandt

    “Baby eater”





    “Without morals”


    I could do this ALL DAY.

    At least they went with “nonbeliever” and not “unbeliever”.

  • baronvoncarson

    Pasta Eater

  • Guest

    Raven Whisperer.

  • Guest

    Dove Baiter.

  • Guest

    Sheep Shearer.

  • “Rationalist.”

  • Guest

    Cow Tipper.

  • gski

    god free

  • Not Religious
    Godless Human
    Without Superstition
    Evil Thing

  • Guest

    Lion Tamer.
    Double-dog Darer.
    Wall Flower
    Carbon Based.

  • Guest

    Only Theoretical

  • Realist

  • Guest

    Book Eater

  • westley

    “Believer, or not”

    (cryptic clue for “a theist” and “atheist”)

  • Guest

    Peer Reviewed

  • Diane1962


  • Molly Brown


  • Guest

    Rhymes w/ “Faithiest”

  • Conspirator


  • FirstDance

    “Foxy heathen”

  • john bigbotoie

    freely moral

  • Edwin

    hell fuel

  • Lsautter


  • Anonymous

    This story turned out better than I expected. 

    “Doesn’t believe in a deity.” (I know, longer than 2 words.)

    “Lacks belief in a deity.”

  • Gaby A.

    Nerf Herder

  • Cutencrunchy

    Meat bag

  • Kelleyglenn


  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many spelled atheist, “athiest” ?

  • Secular.

  • Brian Walsh


    No, wait, that’s 46 down….

  • Kelleyglenn

    Sans YHWH et al.

  • Plasticpony365

    immoral hedonist

  • Crossword clues are just that, clues.  They aren’t meant to be definitions, they are meant to be enough of a clue that when combined with knowledge of the number of letters in the word along with some of the actual letters one can guess what the word is.

  • Daniel Schealler

    Evil thing

    Get it?

  • Xeon2000


  • Hitchens, Dawkins.

  • Every infant.

  • Amadan

    Hates it? God, no!

  • Daniel Schealler

    Devil Worshipper

  • Anonymous

    Rejects Modern Myths

  • Claudio Ibarra

    Theological default

  • TGAP Dad


  • natily

    Godless heathen! That’s how I describe myself.

  • Javier Cardona

    Baby gourmet

  • Erp

    Though if it is a cryptic crossword one has to have a very warped mind. 

    Jove not here! at bankjob

  • Writzer


  • Anonymous


  •  Love cryptics!  +1 for you.

  • Gargoylefun


  • Brian Walsh

    I’m honestly kind of shocked no one is solving the puzzle in the comments.

  • Tex

    non-god fearing (had to put it hyphenated to meet the two word minimum, but it works if all my old English teachers look the other way 😀

  • Anonymous

    happy heathen 


  • Donalbain

    I’ll go for a proper crossword clue. He doesn’t believe you were present when the store was robbed.

  • Adult Human

  • They got the clues mixed up, because we’re definitely gadgets you can count on.

  • Graham Martin-Royle


  • My nom de guerre…

  • Slantrhyme

    skeptical rockstar

  • white boy

  • colonialist tool

  • racist, sexist

  •  Meh. As a voracious crucivore, I think the clue is fine as it is. “Nonbeliever” may not be perfect, but one could also complain about “Movie pooch” -> “Asta” simply because the clue could also refer to Rin Tin Tin or Benji.

  • Anonymous

    How about

    Swears by nothing.

  • Waltz707

    Gadget you can count on.

  • Anonymous

    Dawkins Witness

  • Wait, is this Regular or Master-level?

  • Thackerie

     Nah. That’s the clue for “fundy.”

  • Prefers reality

  • Greg

    Attending robbery?

  • David McNerney

    “No gods attend robbery”

  • Rainierrod

    Free Sundays

  • Funny enough, I did the same thing. “Wait, atheist is a ‘gadget you can count on?'”

  • No gods

  • Jack


  • Danni2356

    “baby eater” really are you like 8. I don’t know anyone who has eaten a baby, But I do recall a man willing to kill his son. Ring any bells?

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