Revealed: One of the Mystery Guests at the Atheist Nexus Reason Rally Afterparty! March 20, 2012

Revealed: One of the Mystery Guests at the Atheist Nexus Reason Rally Afterparty!

Atheist Nexus is hosting one of the Reason Rally afterparties at the Bethesda North Marriott and Convention Center on Saturday night. It’s free and starts at 8:30p.

There will be a debaptism ceremony at 8:00p for anyone who wants to partake in it, singer/songwriter Shelley Segal will perform starting at 9:00p, and there will also be some “mystery guests”…

Hmm… who might they be? Brother Richard, who oversees the site, gave me permission to reveal one of the names to all of you. When he told me who it was, my eyes lit up and I started to type “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG” before coming to my senses and just writing “I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!” (because that sounded less stalker-y).

Richard Hatch, the winner of the first Survivor, will be at the party!

In case you didn’t know, I’m a Survivor fanatic. I auditioned when I was in college, sending in a video and everything. Didn’t get called back. (So sad…) Last summer, I met former contestant Yau-Man Chan at The Amazing Meeting and I was all, “Neil deGrasse Who?” When I graduated from high school, I was voted Most Likely to Get Kicked Off Survivor. You get the idea.

So… I’m excited. Just a bit. And I’ll be attending the Nexus party… at least, after the other dinner is over 🙂 The party will go till midnight. Or until I get a picture with Richard Hatch.

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  • You might want to get that picture sooner than later.  If he can’t work out his tax situation with the IRS, he’ll be back in prison YET AGAIN.

  • Oldie

    Wow you are young

  • Anonymous

    Richard Hatch is a first class douchebag.

  • NewEnglandBob

    I had enough survivor after 15 minutes of the first show. Isn’t Hatch the one who didn’t pay taxes and went to jail? I agree with popeyoni

  • Annie

    They could use a few more atheists on Survivor these days.  This season isn’t so bad, but the past few have been just plain creepy with all the godspeak.  I had no idea Hatch was an atheist.  Yau-Man?  I would have guessed that one.  He seems so incredibly reasonable.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to bash one of Hemant’s heros, but I think Richard Hatch had it too easy on the first Survivor. None of the other players seemed to have any idea what they were doing. I think a player like Rob Mariano, who actually competed successfully against players who knew the game, won $1 million and married the winner of another $1 million, is a real master mind. He can be a snake, but that is exactly why he won.

  • I’m a big Survivor fan too, but he has always annoyed me tremendously.  One thing though, that I have admired is his unabashed willingness to proclaim his atheism.  And if nothing else – should make for a very interesting party.

  • I couldn’t agree with you more about the latest Survivors, Annie.  It’s been creepy and nauseating, and I was actually concerned about one woman contestant’s safety for awhile when stalker for god, Brandon had his focus on her last season.  He saw her as a temptress sent from the devil to endanger his marriage and his soul.

  • I find him intriguing. He’s one of those people I’m glad exist, but wouldn’t necessarily want as a boss or coworker.

  • PJB863

    I thought he was HOT!  I’m partial to bearish men though.  I haven’t really watched Survivor since the first season.  Just not the same.

  • Annie

    Me too!  I was surprised this wasn’t addressed on the show, or at least at the finale.  His own inability to look the other way when a beautiful woman walked by was turned into the woman being evil… and she must be eliminated.  I don’t remember the details of voting her off, but I do remember being disappointed in the other contestants’ inability to put their foot down at his craziness.  That’s the problem with religion.  People act completely immoral, immature and lacking of any reason, but if they say it is because of religious beliefs everyone feels they have to look the other way and give them a free pass.

  • Flockofchickens

    Shelley Segal is awesome! I’d go just to see her perform. I can’t recommend her CD more highly.

  • Anonymous

    Why would one need to debaptize?  Isn’ t that sort of like going to a gypsy to get a curse lifted?    If you don’t believe in the curse why bother?

  • Anonymous

     And the absolute typical, white male gray haired stereotypical Atheist. Way too much footage of him exhibiting very poor morals / ethics. He’s about the last person I’d want representing the movement.

  • Japan

    I thought Hatch was in prison again? That’s why he wasn’t at the Apprentice finale. 

  • I didn’t see him at that party!

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