I Want You to Keep Your Hands off My Uterus, So I Made One For You March 20, 2012

I Want You to Keep Your Hands off My Uterus, So I Made One For You

Crocheting and politics should go together more often.

A group called Government Free VJJ, started by my friend and knitter extraordinaire Donna Druchunas, is sending a message to the politicians voting against reproductive rights and preventing women from making their own health decisions:

“Hands off my uterus! Here — have a knitted one of your own!”

Copyright 2012 MK Carroll. Used by permission.

Yep, they’re sending knitted or crocheted uteri, cervixes, and vulvas to every male member of Congress.

All the patterns are linked to on their site, and there’s also a spreadsheet you can fill out after sending your item so they can keep track of which Congresspeople still need one.

As Cassie Murdoch wrote on Jezebel:

It might not end the war on women, but at least it will give our beloved representatives something soft to cuddle when they have nightmares about slut-demons and whore-monsters taking over the world with our birth-control riddled godzila-sized vaginas.

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  • Msnomir

    Brilliant !

    Shared on my blog.

  • Anonymous

    Who is covering Michael McCaul (TX-10)?

  • what about the women in congress or the senate that agree with the men?

  • Bryan

    Makes me want to become a senator just so I can get one of those cuddly lady-components!

  • Patriotpinkslip

    They already have their own so the joke is lost on them…

  • Anonymous

    As an added bonus, it kind of looks like the FSM.

  • And when the far right get their way, every woman’s kitting needless can become a medical device.

  • Georgina

    … and meanwhile Ms. Siggi Freud is shouting at her husband “see … I told you to call it uterus envy!”

  • Klamping

    Isn’t this kind of like “get your govt hands off my medicare”? You want the govt off your healthcare choices, so you’re supporting the original bill that gets govt involved in those choices.

  • Vizbones

    I for one will welcome our new “godzila-sized vagina” over-lords!


  • Ha! That’s freaking awesome!!

  •  Well, we don’t know what’s in the center of the mass of noodles, do we?

  • ProChoice

    The government isn’t forcing women to become pregnant. It’s simple, if you don’t want a child, don’t become pregnant in the first place. That’s far healthier than getting pregnant and then changing your mind!

  • Krispen Nelson

     That’s right because only women have to take responsibility for sex.  If there are any negative ramifications, the woman, and ONLY the woman should be blamed, shamed and punished.
    Anyway, considering the same people who claim to be pro-life are anti-birth control, anti-education, anti-healthcare, anti- support for help for women and children…. (all things that reduce the number of abortions) I think we can safely say, their agenda has nothing what so ever to do with respect for life.

  • Anonymous

    You cannot be serious with this comment. 

    First of all, nobody is saying the government is forcing women to become pregnant. Government and religion have no place in the reproductive choices women make in their lives. 

  • Anonymous

    Back in 2011, there was the Cuterus, aka Gratuitous Uterus: http://cuterus.blogspot.ca/

  • Sue Blue

    That’s right, men!  Keep your zippers zipped!  Flush that Viagra! No more sex for you until you concede that the only control you have over reproduction is what you do with your penis.  If you don’t like women getting pregnant, cap that one-eyed monster or keep it under wraps.  You mind your genitals and I’ll mind mine.

  • Schmaf

     THANK YOU! There isn’t any reason why women need to get pregnant these days as a result of consensual intercourse. Buy condoms, for goodness’ sakes!

  • Jesse

     We want the government to consider *medical treatments* for men and women equivalently, and mandate coverage for *preventative care* across the board.  This isn’t wanting “the govt[sic] off [our] healthcare choices”, and no-one (except you) reads it that way.

  • Donna Druchunas

    Unless the government outlaws condoms along with abortions and other forms of contraception. 

  • Logic

    Great idea, now lets give planned parenthood back their money to help women do so…hey I bet the pill would help with that…oh wait.

  • Krispen Nelson

     I’m sorry, but you really can’t be this ignorant. Condoms break. Did you know that only about half of abortions are the result of not using birth control? The other half are the result of failed birth control. Biology is a capricious beeotch.  Show some compassion.

  • Klamping

    When the govt [sic] mandates care, then the govt [sic] is getting their hands on healthcare. It doesn’t matter whether you read it that way or not. Whether it’s right or wrong for the govt [sic] to mandate care, it’s ironic to use the phrase “Hands off my uterus!”. 

  • Really?

     by gum, you’re right! and if we want to get through security at the airport in less than an hour, we just need to simply explain that we aren’t terrorists and they’ll wave us through! so simple!
    (subtext:)it would be a hell of a lot easier to not get pregnant if birth control was freely available and not ridiculously expensive. The government may not be forcing women to get pregnant, but they are sure making avoiding pregnancy as difficult possible.

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