Have Kids? Come Visit Camp Quest at the Reason Rally! March 20, 2012

Have Kids? Come Visit Camp Quest at the Reason Rally!

So, maybe you have heard that there is this giant rally thing going on this weekend, but you’re not sure if you should go — after all, what will the kids be able to do? Luckily for you, Camp Quest will be there to help! Come by their tent for some awesome activities. We also have some delightful new stickers to boot! Evan Clark of the Secular Student Alliance and Kelley Freeman (yes, me) of Camp Quest South Carolina paired up to design these adorable stickers.

This is Percy the Dragon — he’s a friend of Camp Quest Minnesota!

Unicorns have been a perennial favorite of Camp Quest Ohio!

So, come on out to the Camp Quest tent for games, crafts, freethought activities, and science fun! Remember, parents must stay with their kids — enjoy the activities together! There will also be a mini Camp Quest at the American Atheists convention the next two days, which you can register for here! We hope to see you there!

Don’t forget to come visit them at Rock Beyond Belief as well!

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  • Ronan

    I’m missing the point, I know, and I do apologize in advance to anyone who’s tired of hearing from this particularly vocal fandom, but…either you or Evan Clark has impeccable taste in TV shows.  The fun at Camp Quest Ohio has very clearly just been doubled.

  • My youngest is a Camp Quest camper, and will be volunteering at the Camp Quest tent Saturday.  Can’t wait!

    And, my kids tell me that Camp Quest Ohio’s  logo is 20% cooler. And they said to put in this: /)^3^(

  • Anonymous

    The Reason Rally…. isn’t that that thing where all the homeopaths and stuff are talking?


  • Anonymous

    How much of a bloggy nerd am I? My first thought was “hey, isn’t that Rebecca Watson’s pony?”. A little googling later I realized that no, it’s just that the glasses triggered it.
    That is, without a doubt, the cutest little dragon I’ ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few. I just want to squeeze it’s belly and have it singe my eyebrows off.

  • John Hattan

    Aww, you don’t have the Jackalope from Camp Quest Texas? My daughter couldn’t stop talking about freakin’ Jackalopes after her week at camp.

  • Kelley Freeman

    It’s me. I did draw the original Skepticon ponies back in August, after all. 😉

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