‘A’ Week 2012 Is Coming Up March 17, 2012

‘A’ Week 2012 Is Coming Up

It’s once again time for A Week!

‘A’ Week is an online event that runs 18-24 March 2012. The idea of ‘A’ Week is simple — to raise awareness of how many people are ‘Good without Gods’ and don’t need religions to influence their lives.

You take part by changing your Facebook profile picture to an ‘A’ for one week.

This isn’t about insulting or criticizing faith. It’s not about mocking religious friends. This is simply a chance to express the fact that you don’t believe in god, you’re a good person, and those two things are perfectly compatible.

I’m using this banner image for my Timeline:

There are several other graphics available at their Facebook page.

The usual comment from everyone is, “How will people know you’re an atheist if they’ve never seen the A before?” Well, hopefully, they’ll ask you about it and a conversation can begin. It has to start somewhere.

More information is here.

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  • scientician

    Anyone know of a good template for twitter?

  • Drew M.

    That banner almost makes me want to switch over to timeline.


  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    The timeline is not as bad as you might think it is. Yes, I removed a lot of older post but I enjoy the new layout a lot better than the old.

  • Drew M.

     I’m sure I’ll like it once I get used to it. However, I fear change and I’m putting it off as long as possible. 😉

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Well I changed my cover picture to it and for those that want a simple profile pic to use on facebook you can use this one….

  • ara

    I miss the black background with the red A.  I know “they” said they wanted to change it from that because it seems more intimidating, but the original choice had such a nicely appropriate Hester Prynne feel

  • I used the new Atheist Ireland logo

  • Anonymous

    I was really hoping to build up the courage to take part this next time.  I’m not sure I’m there yet, though. *sigh*

  • Drew M.


  • Thanks Kevin.

  • Javier.EJSF

    Does anyone know where to get a template for ‘Don’t believe in God? You are not alone’ billboards? Like this one http://goo.gl/N93MM
    I’m willing to make a cover photo for Facebook timeline, but I need to get the template in order to make it in Spanish and Catalan.

  • “This isn’t about insulting or criticizing faith. It’s not about mocking religious friends.” “…its a chance to express…that…you’re  a good person…”

    So it’s okay for you good, morally people to criticize faith and religion the other 51 weeks a year? How many times have I been cussed at on this board? At least a dozen if not more. My parents (and a large amount of society) see cussing as being quite immoral. So why do I hear so many atheists tell me about how good they are and then cuss me out because of my beliefs in the next sentence? How moral is that?

    Does this mean that this board will finally be all pro-atheist instead of anti-Christian? 

    A wonderful author once wrote “Men and women, conscious of their tremendous scientific achievement in recent years, naturally incline to a high opinion of themselves. They view material wealth as very important. Concerning morals, they are resolutely kind to themselves, treating small virtues as compensating for great vices and refuse that there is anything wrong with them morally. A bad conscience is seen as an unhealthy psychological freak rather than an index of morality. “That seems to be dead on where I’m sitting. I’m not saying that I or any Christian has better morals. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I also don’t claim to be “good” either. That’s regardless of being with or without God. I’m not good at all. I’m selfish. There’s times when my spouse asks me for a favor and because I’m tired I work my way out of it. I’ve lied before too. My ambitions are sometimes selfish as well. I’m selfish and I’m a liar. It’s okay, I know you are too. The difference is that I see it and you don’t. Please, someone tell me you’ve never lied (even when you were 3) and never have a moment when you do something for yourself. How many of you have a nice, flat screen t.v. while other people are starving? What’s “good” about that situation? If you’re so “good” then tell me of how you have denied yourselves every day all for the betterment of someone else. My point, bottom line: You’re not good. I’m not good. “WE” are not good. But then again, I don’t claim to be. 

  • I think you’ve completely missed the entire point of things like this. Many, many Christians (and those of other religions, too) claim that simply being an Atheist means that one is immoral and would prefer to go about raping and killing and eating babies. Many an Atheist, upon coming out to people they know has heard “But you’re such a good person!” As if Atheists wold never work at food banks, donate to food banks, would never pay for vaccinations for people wha can’t afford them, would never donate money to finding a cure for a disease, and so on.

    Also, you need to examine the false dichotomoy that you started off with – that one cannot criticize religion and still be moral. Religion is not exempt from criticism, from having it pointed out  that religion encourages people to be sexist or racist or other reprehensible things, and to to that pointing out is not amoral. Note that criticism is not the same thing as slander. It’s not even the same thing as insult though plenty of Christians seem to take insult when others merely point out the not very nice things that religion has done.

  • I totally agree with your definitions that you used of immoral and of good. The problem is that these are extremes. I do not think atheists are monsters.( my parents would disagree). And I think that atheists are totally capable of charitable acts. I know this is true from experience. 

    I think perhaps some Christians (myself, included) use a different definition of immoral and good than what you are suggesting. Or maybe I’m alone in this. Maybe they are thinking of extremes and I’m not. 

    I’m thinking New Testament, Jesus definitions though. He was teaching that what goes inside is what counts, not just the outward acts. So no, while I have never murdered anyone, I sure have held spite, bitterness and contempt for someone. These things are labeled as sins. 

    Everyone is guilty that I have ever met of these things. (Don’t let anyone, especially Christians, tell you differently). It’s because of this, and the coming judgment of these things is what drives the beginning chapters of the Christian message. 

    Islam would say that there is a cosmic scale somewhere that God controls and that our bad deeds are weighed against our good deeds and whichever one is the greatest determines one’s eternal future. 

    Christianity says that the punishment, for even the smallest mishap or moment of selfishness, since the sin is ultimately against the creator of the universe, is in fact rebellion against Him and punishment must be dealt out accordingly. 

    Sorry for the long response. This is just to help define terms where I’m coming from. 

    I guess my biggest question is  this: From the banner, what is meant by the term “good”? It makes for a nice advertisement, but what does it mean? 

    My personal banner would say: “I’m selfish and often rebel against God and His standards that He has set forth. I needed a rescuer to come and save me from the insuing punishment that I deserve, and have found Him. His name is Jesus.”

  • UradickMuthafucka

    Fuck you all! This is so fucked up!

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