The Muslims Aren’t Offended by the Atheist Billboard, but the Jews Are?! March 16, 2012

The Muslims Aren’t Offended by the Atheist Billboard, but the Jews Are?!



(In response to this article.)

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  • Anonymous-Sam

    Heh. Vaguely amused, most so because of this:

    The Brooklyn billboard is likely to raise eyebrows among Jews, in part
    because Orthodox Jews don’t write out the name of God, as the billboard

    Yeah. They’re under the impression that leaving out a letter or two means God won’t notice the use of his name or take offense. He Who Must Not Be Named is easily distracted by a euphemism. :p

  • Greisha

    Nowhere in the article it was said that Jews are offended or offended more.  I do not understand the title of your post.

  • M J Shepherd

     To be entirely fair, I don’t choose article titles.

  • Anonymous

    That part probably came from a different article, community pressure on the landlord led him to reject the billboard.

  • Worked for Harry Potter and his crew.

  • dauntless

    Did you choose to have the Jewish trashcan say he would be taking offense?

  • Anonymous-Sam

     Works in the Wheel of Time too. It dates back to the historical belief (which was later incorporated into fantasy) that knowing someone’s true name gives you power over them. Attempting to take power over God is tempting the Almighty to bring ruin upon you (or alternatively, speaking the name establishes a spiritual connection to that entity), so you euphemistically avoid it.

    Three thousand year old magic. Still considered 100% relevant here and today. Wheeeeeeee.

  • M J Shepherd
  • Greisha

     The article’s title was
    Atheist group targets Muslims, Jews with ‘myth’ billboards in Arabic and Hebrew   By Dan Merica, CNN.  I was talking about your post’s title.

  • In the article itself, I didn’t see any Jewish taking offense. So I don’t know where the cartoon came from. And in Hebrew, יהוה is used all the time — it’s just not pronounced “yahweh” — that’s merely an archaeologist’s best guess, but Jews simply pronounce it Adonai (means “my lord”) or sometimes HaShem (means “the name”), because only the priests were allowed to say the name of god, and when the temple was destroyed by the Romans, the actual pronunciation was lost. An archaic cultural custom — all groups of people have them, and Jews are no different.

  • Brian Macker

    There are other truths about Islam which if you put on a billboard would get them extremely upset.   Calling “it” a myth is no big deal.   The billboard is so vague it doesn’t even state what “it” is.    I don’t see it upsetting the Jews either.

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