Prayer Will Not Be Reinstated for City Council in Ontario March 16, 2012

Prayer Will Not Be Reinstated for City Council in Ontario

Well, that was quick.

Last week, I mentioned that the Perth County Council (In Ontario, Canada) had removed saying the Lord’s Prayer from their agenda, replacing it with a “Moment of Reflection.” That upset Councillor Walter McKenzie who wanted the prayer reinstated. He said people were opposed to their removing it, so why try to fix something that wasn’t broken?

That’s where all of you came in. You wrote to McKenzie and the other councillors. You called their offices. You told them that prayer was a personal choice, not something a government ought to be endorsing.

Looks like your messages were heard:

Perth County councillors will not be going back to reciting the Lord’s Prayer to begin their meetings.

… Coun. Walter McKenzie put forward a motion on March 1 to reconsider the longstanding tradition.

That motion was defeated 10-8 at council’s meeting this morning.

There wasn’t even a debate about it.


(Thanks to Meaghen for the link!)

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  • The Other Weirdo

    Wow, your article makes it seem like it was a major blow for the pro-prayer crowd, but 10-8 victory isn’t much to crow about.

  • Guest

    But it is still a win.

  • Annie


  • Anonymous-Sam

    Heh, I’m not sure if you thought of this or not, but you know what gives me a kick when I read that? According to the Klingon religion, the first Klingons turned upon their creator gods and destroyed them.

  • Annie

    I didn’t… but I just went and shared this with the two trekkies that I call my family and they nodded in agreement of your statement (and made fun of me for not knowing yet another thing about Star Trek).   I love Star Trek, I do… it’s just that someone has to  read blogs and cook around here.

  • Anonymous

    A win without a drawn out lawsuit as well. Take notes America.

  • The Other Weirdo

     It’s barely a win, a win that could have gone either way.

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