Your Prayers Aren’t Helping March 15, 2012

Your Prayers Aren’t Helping

When disasters occur, prayers don’t help

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  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I get the point but this one doesnt’ work for me. It can simply go find another tree.

  •  Did you see all 4 pieces? It makes more sense when you click on it. This is one I actually like!

  • Conrad Sigma

    This made me really sad at end 🙁

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor


  • Annie

    Exactly.  I’ve seen this so often, where people offer their prayers and then wipe their hands of the problem.  “I did all I could… I prayed.”  Such a hollow response.   I think the proper response to someone saying, “I will pray for you.” is to simply say, “Or you could help.”  Love the cartoon!

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute. I gather from reading the bible that prayer works like the Green Lantern’s Ring or something. When did prayer stop working?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t take it literally. Just like the Bible

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Yes, I did see all 4 panes and I get the point but still….

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Then don’t show another tree in the background it could simply run up into.

  • Would it have been better for you if it was a little human person who couldn’t just go up to another tree to re-build the home which had been destroyed? Would that, in your humble opinion, drive the point home in a more acceptable manner?

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Well the bear would have eaten the human instead of praying for it.

    Bear would have prayed later thanking whatever god it does for the human.

  • Jett Perrobone

    Alternative version:

    Bear: “What’s wrong, little squirrel?”
    Squirrel: “My home was destroyed by a wind storm.”
    Bear: *points finger* “That’s God punishing you for hording nuts!  I’ll say a prayer for you, you wicked sinner!”

    Bear then climbs up a tree in view of all other forest creatures, holds a megaphone to his mouth and shouts a prayer into the sky.  He climbs down the tree and walks away.

    Bear: *speaking to himself*  “There.  I know God must really love me now.”

  • Anonymous

    Hint: The bear and the squirrel aren’t representing a real bear and a real squirrel. You can tell this because they talk, one of them has a religion (Christianity no less), they are cartoons, and so on.

  • Squirrels don’t just live in unaltered trees; they build nests.  Regardless of whether or not it could find another tree, its nest is still destroyed and needs to be rebuilt. 

  • TiltedHorizon

    No, clearly this squirrel cannot simply find another tree. You have no idea what the tree market is like in his area, he lacks the nuts to afford a tree in a better neighborhood. Then there is the matter of his Tree Owners Insurance not covering acts of god, this squirrel is now out of pocket.

  • T-Rex

    Is your real name Buzz Killington by chance?

  • Greg Peterson

    Well, THIS is not likely to be very popular, but in fairness to Christianity (if not Christians),  James 2:14-17 says:   “What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him?   Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food.  If one of you says to him, ‘Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?  In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”

  • As well as the story of the good Samaritan. People who behave in such ways  aren’t applying this part of the Bible. There’s nothing convenient about following Jesus. But, a lot of people “believe” in Jesus like some cosmic santa clause, but don’t want to be inconvenienced by what Jesus taught and called His followers to do. They might be in a bit of a surprise 🙁

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