Help Spread Dork Pride March 15, 2012

Help Spread Dork Pride

The Damsels of Dorkington, a hilarious group of heathens, are trying to raise enough money to travel for their performances in 2012. (In case you’re not familiar with them, this parody of “I Kissed a Girl” is a good place to start.)

We are traveling to various conventions all across the country, and we typically don’t get much help (if any) from the conventions themselves. That leaves us stuck with pricey airline tickets, rental cars, and hotel fees. We want to continue coming to your cities (and hopefully others!) to make you laugh and discuss all things nerdy, but we need your help to do that!

The highlight of Skepticon IV for me was hanging out with the four of them, for several hours, in a bar, doing random math problems, while making all sorts of inappropriate jokes. These are fun people! Help them spread their dorkiness! I chipped in what I could. Please consider doing that, too. They’re almost at their goal, so let’s put them over the top.

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  • Anonymous

    Looks cool. Thanks for the info Hemant.

  • Nordog

    I was expecting more humor.

  • Blythe Renay

    It’s not for everyone.  And that’s ok.  🙂

  • Nordog

     In any event, good luck with the fund raising.

  • So they want free trips to conventions and are mooching money.

  • p

    3 good looking ladies, one guy.
    Doesn’t bode well I’m afraid. last time that  happened in the Corrs , the only guy became a 9/11 NWO conspracy nut. Maybe nobody bothered asking him what he thought and this is his revenge. 

  • If you’re a fan like I am, they’re worth supporting. Awesome shows.

  • Kevin mays

    Dang! those girls are Smokin hot