You Just Have to Read It In Context… March 14, 2012

You Just Have to Read It In Context…

Jonathan Rosenberg explores religious morality in Scenes From A Multiverse:

The full cartoon can be seen here 🙂

(Thanks to Rory for the link!)

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  • Anonymous

    It’s only because puppies and kittens were different back then.

  • Speer

    A Master Straw Man! Kudos!

  • dauntless

    It’s called hyperbole.

  • Ranson

    No, no, not “Straw Man”.  Corn God.

  • Back then puppy murder didn’t mean the same thing it does now.  It
    meant to snuggle a puppy so hard it couldn’t breathe, and you had to let
    go every seven minutes so the puppy could catch its breath.  The
    puppies always volunteered for this indentured death-snuggling, as a way
    to pay their owners back for all the money they spent on puppy chow.

  • Dave

     You’re being misleading! That was only for your tribe’s puppies, for puppies from other tribes, it really meant snuggling to death as we still know it!

  • Anonymous-Sam

    You’re not reading it properly! There was no death at all. When the Bible says “to death,” it means metaphorically that they were snuggled to a different faith, thus the death of their existing faith. You snuggled the puppies into believing in God! They’re all alive and well, no contradiction there!

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