Eddie Izzard Will Speak at Reason Rally! March 14, 2012

Eddie Izzard Will Speak at Reason Rally!

There are a few last-minute additions to the Reason Rally roster and they’re big ones. Here’s the first:

Actor/comedian Eddie Izzard will be joining us on the Reason Rally stage!

Izzard has appeared in Ocean’s Twelve, Cars 2, and Valkyrie.  He is also a successful stand-up comic.

More announcements are coming soon…

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  • Eli

    What! AMAZING! Except now it’s even worse that I can’t go. Eddie Izzard is brilliant.

  • Matto the Hun

    ummm, you forgot Mystery Men, Hemant… WTF

  • Rufus_t

    Cake or death?

  • And Velvet Goldmine. And the TV series The Riches.

  • Oh, dammit. You’re just going to keep rubbing it in that I can’t attend, aren’t you? Why weren’t all these cool thing announced before I made plans?

    So, um.. yeah!

  • Even more sad I can’t attend, but still cool news.

  • Mairianna

    ARRRHHHHHGGGG!  Now I really really REALLY wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Oh, Hemant, you neglected to mention he was the voice of Reepicheep in the Narnia movie. )  :^((

  • Anonymous

    ” uhhh…cake please.”

  • Anthony Pertle

    OMFSM! I love him. First watched his Dressed to Kill special when I was like 8 or something. I MUST find a way to go…

  • Su_go

    PLEASE tell me someone will be recording this and putting it on YouTube! I love Eddie Izzard so very much… Even more than I love Evil Giraffes and Jam.

  • Annie

    The Reason Rally committee is trying to make us believe that there may be a heaven after all!  I can’t wait… love Eddie Izzard!

  • p

    Over rated. Oh well. it could be worse. At least it s not Ricky Gervais.

  • it is impossible to over rate Eddie Izzard!

  • Ubi Dubium

    “I’m sorry, we’re all out of cake.”

  • Ubi Dubium

    I’m hoping Ricky Gervais will be there too.  And how about George Takei, while we’re at it!  Can he come?

  • Annie

    “Then I’ll have chicken, please.”

  • Imagine that, another comedian. Actually I’m not for sure who this chap is. I never saw Oceans 12 or Valkyrie and Cars 2? What character does he play in Cars 2?

  • Annie

    Momma J, Look up Eddie Izzard and “Cake or death” on You tube.  I think you’ll enjoy it.  And yes, another comedian! One of my favorite characteristics that seems to be present in most atheists I know is our ability to laugh and enjoy life. 

  • Eddie Izzard is pretty funny.

  • I watched some of his videos. I’m not a big You Tube kid of person so I’m probably negatively biased already. 

    He has some funny moments and I appreciate his historical knowledge base. However, I couldn’t listen to him for too long. Why must almost every popular comedian swear like a sailor? That’s not the part that makes them funny. At least not for me. Someone like Brian Regan pulls it off pretty well without the language, which I appreciate. 

    The cake or death sketch was alright. The lead up to it though, again the “f-word” like 8 times. Why?

  • Mairianna

    “Tastes like babies.”

  • Waybeyondsoccermom

    Takei is Buddhist.

  • omg omg omg soooooo jelly

  •  I didn’t even realise there was any swearing and I’ve watched all his shows. Must be cultural differences.

  • Or moral differences. I’m pretty sure we both grew up in America speaking English. I could be wrong though :/

  • Trish

    Yep, that’s the most important aspect of morality right there… swear words. What a delightfully smug response. 

    Also, if you think there’s only one culture among English speaking Americans, well, I don’t have a response for that. It kind of speaks for itself.

  • Um, not everyone who comments here is American. 🙂 

    The smug is strong with this one.

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