Help Us Win $2,500; It Just Takes a Click March 12, 2012

Help Us Win $2,500; It Just Takes a Click

Dan Cohen is a finalist in Zinio’s “You Can Find Me On Zinio” sweepstakes.

Long story short: Go here, click on VOTE NOW, click on Dan Cohen’s name, and the repeat every day until April 16th.

If Dan wins, his company has promised to donate the $2,500 prize to Foundation Beyond Belief!

You can vote once a day. Please tell your friends 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    404 (or “sorry, mate, couldn’t find that page”)
    The page you tried to access doesn’t seem to exist. Please check your URL and try again.

  • CB

    Ok, I voted. But, I’ll forget to do every day. Tweet us a reminder

  • Chakolate

    I got a 404 not found.  🙁

  • Weird… it works for me!

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