A German Shoemaker Wants to Help Atheists with Their Soles March 10, 2012

A German Shoemaker Wants to Help Atheists with Their Soles

David, a shoemaker from Germany, is working on a quest to make sure atheists have soles 🙂

… admittedly, an atheist shoes sounds like a peculiar idea. But we think a shoe is a lovely, understated way for atheists to out themselves and to be less shy about their godlessness. And we also think our Bauhaus-inspired, 1930s-infatuated shoes will be a welcome antidote to the samey junk pumped out by the big sneaker corporations…

Love the video. Buy our shoes! Show them off to someone you’re interested in. It’ll be like Grindr for the Godless.

David also mentions that he plans to make a Jesus shoe. With water in the soles. So you can walk on water 🙂

If you’d like to support his endeavor or pre-pay for a pair of shoes, feel free to support him on Kickstarter.

(Thanks to Roland for the link!)

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  • Ken McKnight

    Those look distressingly like bowling shoes to me.

  • I like them a great deal, but don’t feel terribly comfortable buying leather shoes. That said, a line of ballet style flats for women would be really keen or even some unisex canvas styles. 

  • aleopold

    Yes, I’m the same way.  If ever a line is started that doesn’t include leather, I’ll be one of the first in line!

  • Grumble F Kitty

    I like them, but I’m trying to figure out whether the words are forward or backward.  It would be genius if they’re printed backward, so you leave your statement in every footstep, wherever you go…

  • I like the style but I can’t afford $180 for a pair of shoes and I’d definitely need a non-leather option.  

  • mk

    On the video he explains that the left sole is printed backwards, to do just what you said, and the right sole is printed forward so you can nonchalantly cross your legs while sitting to make a statement as well! 

  • mk

    Same here, if he ever makes some without leather, I’ll buy them too!

  • I actually really, really like these shoes (even the fact that they’re leather). Thanks for sharing — I will definitely be putting money away for these.

  •  A non-leather option was my first thought. But also, why not have something like an FSM logo on the side? And why not have both soles in reverse…? And a greater choice of messages

    I’m sure eventually they’ll be more customisable

  • Happyheathen32

    I want them!

    What a gorgeous desk, and the kitten to!

  • Those are BOWLING SHOES! For $180! And I bet they don’t make my size – 14.

  • Anonymous

    You’re in luck! The largest size available is a European 47, which is a US 14.

  • Atheist Bowler

    What incredible shoes!  I absolutely love the design!  Bowling shoes?  Where do you go bowling?  Do they really where such sexy shoes?  I might consider taking it up!

  • Mary Hosbrough

    I always feel so alone in my preference for non-leather shoes.  I love learning that there are many others like me, and atheists to BOOT.

  • KrGuest

    Does any bilingual person know… does the “sole” pun work in German as well? 

    Regardless, these are awesome, and although very European-looking in a way I can’t put my finger on (not necessarily a selling point, even among the most stylish United-Statesians) I can’t wait to buy a pair and start seeking out slightly muddy paths to walk around on here in the heartland.

  • David

    Hemant, I’ve just seen this post…. a belated thank you for featuring my Kickstarter page! I think I got a few pledges direct from here .)

    And thank you everyone for the feedback and thoughts. Vegan shoes are definitely in the pipeline, I’ve just got to get enough people to buy this first batch of shoes before I can think about it.

    And, as for the bowling shoe comparison, I assure you they are 107 times more comfortable than sowling shoes and (I like to think) quite a lot more stylish and easier to wear casually, beyond the lanes… but hey, there’s nothing wrong with bowling shoes! .)

  • David

     hey chaps, the atheist shoe guy here… i just posted a comment below to say that I’m definitely gonna make vegan shoes as soon as I have the resources to do so… it may take some time, but please watch this space.

    Really grateful for your interest, thanks!

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