Religion is Like a Watering Can… February 28, 2012

Religion is Like a Watering Can…

This makes just as much sense as [insert the faith of your choice here]:

Though a watering can is directly responsible for giving plants the nourishment they need to grow… so it’s actually pretty damn powerful…

Hm. I need to go rethink my atheism now.

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  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I laughed pretty hard when I saw the toast….

  • The song was great, but in all fairness, watering cans are actually useful. I used mine to exhaustion and had to replace it.
    Also, the mean mugging and burning at the end made me laugh the most while the “Hindu” representation made me feel the most guilty. (That last part is not rational, but it’s true)

  • Deeptracks

    Would have been better with Teapots.

  • Seladora

    This is amazing! I love it–and the toast part had me giggling. 🙂

  • Todd Jones

    My rain cloud is more powerful than your watering can.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of my all-time favorite videos.  I bought the $1 Ikea watering can for my boss and suspended it in his office from the ceiling and sent him a link to the video. He, being like minded, loved it, too. Every now and then he gives me the hand sign.  It is nice to be understood at the office.    _r

  • The heathen think it’s just a “Big Dipper,” but the True Faith is spelled out in the stars from which come the nurturing rains.

  • Greisha

    If I was not Pastafarian already I would become Watercanian.  Going to use _r sign.

    BTW, Hemant, the video on the main page is about purity bear.

  • Which video are you talking about…?

  • I don’t get it.  Is there some spoof religion involving a watering can that I haven’t heard about?

  • Greisha

    I was talking about video for this post on the main page.  I refreshed the page one more time and now it is correct.

  • I loved this video from the first time I saw it; wonderful music, and it shows the absurdity of all religion.

    What I want now is a “behind-the-scenes-making-of” video…

  • Bretsky

    The watering can is only a vessel to hold the elixir of life. Don’t lose sight of the truth contained within. This is the can(on) of the one true faith. Gardens 17.3

  • Yeah, I’m with you, Ferule. This one really went way over my head.

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