I’ll *Bet* He’s Never Seen One… February 28, 2012

I’ll *Bet* He’s Never Seen One…

This war against women is just going from bad to worse. Click on the image for the full strip:

(via This Modern World)

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  • As we women at my house say (a la Sam Rockwell in Gentleman Broncos) OH MY HOLY CRAP…this is hysterical & I mean that in the original Greek disturbance-in-the-womb sense.  Only allowed in a societally-accepted monagamous heterosexual relationship…

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    That is so funny but so sad at the same time because we all know there are asshat men that truly think this way in power.

  • FSq

    That is great.

    And the way the GOP “panel” on birth control was comprised of only old, shriveled up white men is horrifying. Who the hell are a bunch of shriveled up white dudes to try and pass health policy for women!? 

    This is a great cartoon!

  • FSq

    And yes, it is true too, and this seems to verify that the clitoris is truly nature’s Rubic’s Cube (thanks to S. Macfarlane for that gem!!!)

  • Grung_e_Gene

    It was proved under Gregory the Great that homosexuality caused earthquakes and sex for recreation instead of procreation caused male pattern baldness

  •  I defer to Jane on “Coupling”:

    The clitoris…so mysterious…just how mysterious IS “front-and-center”?

  •  Not at all mysterious, it’s just that men are notorious for not stopping and asking for directions (and they get soooo lost…)

  • Michael

    Ironically, the notion of hysteria was derived from a pro-female-orgasm standpoint. When doctors noticed that some stress-related conditions in women could be solved by inducing an orgasm they concluded that the stress was caused by the female reproductive system since it was obviously solved using it.

    Not entirely false, I’d say.

  • Mike Meyers

    “Boobs”…. I’m practically a doctor.

    That went hand in hand with the comic!

  • Mai

    That is sort of terrifying. That rhetoric is way too familiar and way too widely accepted. How did this happen, anyway? What’s thi s war on women, it wasn’t this bad like 15 years ago, was it? Or am I just too young to remember?

  • Tim

    Here in the UK we had a Bishop blaming the floods we had a few years ago on homosexuality.

    Caused the stand-up comedian Russell Howard to write a routine about two farmers in a dought-hit part of Aftrica indulging in man-lover simply in order to make it rain.

  • Tim
  • Michael

    The mystery is why people still believe it’s front and center and every five years or so another gynecologist stuns the scientific community with the discovery that it extends down both sides.

  • JoeBuddha

    I like the attention to detail: Of COURSE there would be no women involved…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard or read from a number of women over the years, including from a former girlfriend, that they needed vibrators to have their first orgasms. 

    Considering that vibrators didn’t exist before the late 19th Century, why would these women need a recent invention to have a supposedly natural physiological response? Does that make these women technologically enhanced cyborgs or something?

  • Anonymous

    And they invented the first vibrators to “cure” the condition because using their hands became too tiring

  • Fentwin

    They may not have vibrated way back when, but I’d bet there were, uhm, technologies available that achieved the same result. 🙂

  • Michael

    Though if you don’t want your eyes to water don’t look up details of how the original ones worked. There was no health and safety in those days.

  • FSq

    SEXIST!!!!! How dare you!!!!

    (yes, the tongue was planted firmly in cheek….double entendre intended)

  • FSq

    There is no such thing as the female orgasm. It is an urban myth, like lipstick lesbians, The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the guy who has those commercials for the book on how to get free guvment money….

  • Michael

    You are quite right. The technical term given at the time was Vaginal Paroxysm.

  •  Yeah, true, but the head of the clitoris, the most sensitive part, is kinda “front and center”.

  •  *snork*

  • Man, the whole idea makes me want to go and jill off, just to protest.

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  • I lol’d 🙂

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