Responding to the Purity Bear February 25, 2012

Responding to the Purity Bear

I’ll admit this parody of Purity Bear (as if the originals weren’t already a parody of themselves) had me cracking up. Mostly because JT makes a lot of sense:

(via WWJTD)

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  • Guest

    hahaha! so funny, I love those two..

  • God sounds like entrapment.

  • Hilarious !

  • That was even BETTER than herpes in the mouth!

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha the end was the best part. 

  • We can’t see the lower half of Purity Bear…I have a really bad feeling about this…

  • paranoid android

    I wouldn’t recommend going to one’s room with  someone who talks to disembodied voices, though…;)

  • amyc

    I love this one. I’m really glad that he pointed how ridiculous the notion of “purity” is.

  • kenneth

    I want to get myself an “iniquity bear”!

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t even remove the retail tag from the beanie baby.  I guess that’s an illustration of the Purity Bear, intended or not.