God Has a Weird Way of Loving You February 25, 2012

God Has a Weird Way of Loving You

If you had never heard the Christian myth before, it would make even less sense than it does now:

(via Unreasonable Faith)

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  • exactly!

  • Kitchengardener

    Thank you, you just made me snort coffee out my nose. Funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile – and oh so very true!

  • Andrew B.

    No!  He doesn’t send you to hell!  YOU send YOURSELF to hell by refusing his advances.  If he can’t have you nobody can!

    Besides, it’s not as though he’s in any position to change the rules that determine who goes to hell and who doesn’t, how could he?

  • You’re so lost. Why don’t you just tell that to a child while you’re at it?

  • Mike Lewis

    Rules determining who goes to hell?? I think it’s all made up anyways, but sounds to me like hell would be the preferred place to go. If god likes to torture people for not believing in him, imagine the punishment in heaven for trivial things, like jay walking. Didn’t god allow Satan to rule hell?? Seems like there should be a book or propaganda stating how awesome hell is so Satan could get more people to willingly go there. Logic is truth and truth always trumps god.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m missing something, I saw it as sarcasm, esp. from the last sentence.  How did you see it?

  • Drakk

    Not sure if Poe…

  • The Last Demon

    More than funny it also gives us a lot of insight. This has always been one of my perceptions and the main reason why I call myself atheist. I was born a Christian and forced into it by my parents. My minister told me God was love but will also punish you. I had a dog then. It bit me once and I never thought of punishing it; leave alone punish it. And I am imperfect. So what’s with the perfect omniscient and omnipresent force. 

  • The Last Demon

    By the way Andrew made me laugh. He said God can’t change his rules.
    Let me ask him this. (Going by the name I think Andrew is Christian ).
    If Andrew knows his bible didn’t God say not to eat the Pig in the Old testament. I see most Christians eating it nowadays. He might argue only Jews shouldn’t eat  and not Christians. So, don’t they worship Jehovah? What powerful being can’t change his rules: a set of rules with partiality

  • The Last Demon

    Ooh! That was so discourteous of me. This is the first time I have come to this blog. (kinda new to the entire blog scene). I have not wished Hemant for this. Splendid job Hemant. Please keep going on.

  • Aweiser278

    Yes.  God so love the world that he gave his only son to be tortured and sadistically killed (In a cucifying that was the most com mum of sadistic roman rituals for heresy)   But there is a catch.  Jesus death and sacrifice was not for you to be saved while you are here on earth, the only kind of life that you are 100% sure that you experience.  Oh no!  That would be too easy.  Your salvation is in another world.  And Jesus will come back here again.  His job s not yet done?

  • Anonymous

    Um, you understand Andrew’s post was a poe right?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah it’s a poe. It seemed pretty obvious, but seeing all the posts below I guess it wasn’t.

  • Kenneth Dunlap

    This is obvious sarcasm people. I suck at reading sarcasm and even I can see it!

  • Andrew B.

     Holy hot sweaty jesus i wasn’t serious.

  • The Last Demon

     Yeah. I do….lol. I was jus doing a poe once again. Sorry if I was very real.

  • Rbray18

    thing is i know people who actually believe what you said kinda. and have heard almost the exact phrasing you used by my friends. so even though i was able to tell it was a joke i can see why people thought it was real after all no emotions on the net so can’t hear the sarcasm.

  • Anonymous

    Just make sure to tell it to a child with a sense of humor and enough intelligence to recognize an obvious joke.

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