Penn Jillette’s Next Book February 23, 2012

Penn Jillette’s Next Book

Penn Jillette got quite a bit of attention for his book God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales:

Publishers Lunch is now announcing (via email) that Jillette just signed a deal to write a sequel:

NYT bestselling author of GOD, NO! and larger half of magic act Penn & Teller, Penn Jillette’s EVERY DAY IS AN ATHEIST HOLIDAY, a new collection of spiritual rants and humorous ravings, spanning the hidden horrors of Christmas carols, family celebrations, Fourth of July, Halloween and beyond, to Sarah Hochman at Blue Rider Press, for publication in November 2012, by Agency for the Performing Arts (World).

Just in time for when you’re buying Christmas gifts…

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  • Awesome!

  • Nathaniel

     Was just about to chime in to say the same thing.

    Until he makes clear he knows just how wrong he was, I have no particular interest in anything else he does.

  • I think a lot of atheists will be turned off by the “spiritual rants” part. But they shouldn’t necessarily. I actually just wrote an article about atheist spirituality: Atheists can be spiritual too –

  • Flora

    Ditto. I don’t particularly feel like giving royalties who thinks it’s okay to dehumanize  people. 

  • Elerena

    I can get plenty of angry asshole style atheist material without having to go through a raging misogynist like Penn, thanks.

  • Jett Perrobone

    I’m well over him, due to this.

  • Puffy

     Indeed. There are plenty other atheist authors who I’d rather read. Looking forward to getting hold of Greta Christina’s book which she’s justfinished.

  • I wrote a brief “review” of that book.  It was horrible.  He is an embarrassment.  I’m giving mine away in a little contest.

  • You just linked to this page, instead of your own:

  • Pardon?  That was the page I meant to link to.  It is my blog.  That is the short post I did on his book.  Am I missing something? (I often do) smile

  • I should have expressed myself more clearly. You linked to the page we’re currently on (Hermant’s page). The page I linked to, was the one you were TRYING to link to.

    (And I should add that the reason I linked to it, was so that others could find your post, not because I thought you couldn’t find your own blog).

  • Ringo

    I’ll pass on spirituality, thanks. The word spirit has a meaning, and it’s not something that I believe in. No need to redefine the word, we might as well adopt the word prayer and try to secularize it.

  • Ringo

    Yep. This guy is not worth my time or money.

  • steve

     Agreed. The guy is a juvenile, obnoxious jerk. That persona makes for amusing performance art, but I have no use for his offstage antics.

  • FSq

    You claim he is a misogynist?

    Do you know Penn? You see, I do. He is a friend of mine. Yes, for real. And sister, you are so far off base it is ridiculous.

    He is as far from what you claim as could possibly be, and frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself for leveling such unsubstantiated claims to him.

  • FSq

    Great Christina is the female equivalent of a “male chauvanist pig”. Yet, there you go, following personal biases.

  • FSq

    So you are of the typical liberal mindset of “You are with us 100 percent or you are against us.”

    As a liberal, I find you repugnant.

  • Kataton

    I find nothing in either Sabio’s post here or his linked-to article that indicates he is either a liberal or that he has a “you are with us or 100 percent against us” mentality. Sounds like an unsubstantiated claim on your part. 
    To which ‘us’ do you refer, anyway? 

  • Nathaniel

     If he isn’t a misogynist, and you know him so well, please tell me why he tweeted that a woman was a c***. For the crime of not appealing to his sense of humor.

  • Wwmlcd

    You are absolutely correct sir.

  • FSq

    I don’t need to speak for someone else. But you truly do not know shit about the man.

    I’ve known him now for nine years, and he is a good friend and his family is a fucking riot. You truly know shit here pal.

  • Nathaniel

     So you refuse to answer and insult me for bonus points.

    Whether you intended to or not, you already told me all I need to know.

  • Watoosh

    You can be sexist without being a misogynist. Penn, like many, many men, used the word insensitively, but that doesn’t entail hatred.

  • Anonymous

    This comment does not make sense. This is like complaining about anti-white racists, heterophobic gays, or humanities grads who make MBAs feel doomed to a lifetime of unemployment. The concept of equivalence does not apply.


  • Flockofchickens

    I lost all respect for Penn after watching his Bullshit episode where he tries to show that global warming is a hoax. He even trotted out the whole “well the scientists said it was cooling in the 70s” argument.

    I’m not proud to have him on our side as an atheist.

  • You are the misogynist who made this comment on the feminism thread:

    Here we go again. Once again, the vagina-set seems to want to squawk even further about how hard it is being them.

    on, get real. The pendulum has swung a bit too far to your side of the
    fence on many issues, and now it needs to come back to the middle, for
    male and female health.

    It just gets old too about how we as
    atheists are like feminists or how we as atheists have to support
    feminism. No, we aren’t, and we don’t.

    If Penn Jillette needs you to argue for him, he is in serious trouble. The one who needs to be ashamed is you, but I doubt you are capable of it.

  • Incorrect.  We know him from the persona he presents through his interviews, act, and writings.  It is possible he is different in person, but we are being asked to partake of the product he sells to the public.  

  • The thing that *totally* pisses me off about that is the two are intimately related.

    When I was in grade school we learned about the ice ages, and we learned that the Earth was overdue for another ice age, and that everyone was worried about global cooling. 

    Global warming (increased carbon dioxide and methane emissions preventing the Earth from radiating heat is a very good reason why the Earth would be overdue for an ice age.

  • FSq

    What is your point? You don’t like the word used, which goes against what you view the world SHOULD be, not how it is. You are the one advocating for speech policing. And yet, you claim to be some sort of high and mighty liberal. 

    As a liberal, I find that repugnant. The reality of liberalism is that it allows the free flow of speech and ideas, NOT a policing. And your point is a huge strawman.

  • FSq

    Then why are you responding or asking for more if you already have all you need?

  • Free speech works both ways. You are free to say whatever fool thing you want, and other are free to criticize it. And you just keep showing yourself to be stupider.

  • Andrea Gatley

    Same here. Not planning on giving any more of my money to him.

  • Andrea Gatley

    Then perhaps he needs to work on the persona he shows the rest of the world, because that one is pretty disgustingly misogynistic. This is coming from a former fan, BTW.

  • Kyle S.

    Loved Penn’s first book. I’m all for advocating the emphasizing the positives of atheism. I think it’s pretty hilarious that people are still freaking out over the word “cunt” in 2012. Perpetually-outraged PC lefties are getting as silly as the religious right.

  • Hermanmelville76

    Penn sort of explains the “using the c word on facebook” thing on the first episode of the new  Penn’s Sunday School podcast. It was an inside joke only intended for people who would understand it. He admits it sounds unforgivable. His explanation starts at 42:45.

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