Despite His Christianity, I Like Jeremy Lin February 23, 2012

Despite His Christianity, I Like Jeremy Lin

Tim Tebow drove everybody crazy. His conspicuous religiosity, and the adulation it won him from so many quarters, was a kind of slow torture of Christian privilege for anyone who thinks faith should be a private thing.

Now there’s a new kid in town: Jeremy Lin, point guard for the New York Knicks. Lin, a Taiwanese-American born in California, graduated from Harvard with a degree in economics and a fierce desire to play professional basketball. Cementing his status as scrappy underdog, he went unrecognized for years in the NBA’s Development League, fighting for playing time. An injury and a blowout led to Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni giving Lin his chance and what resulted has been several weeks of “Linsanity.”

Because Lin is unabashedly Christian, he’s drawing comparisons to Tebow everywhere, from the New York Times to the Boston Globe. But from what I’ve seen so far, the similarities end there. With Tebow, we were used to a certain amount of derailing to talk about his Lord and Savior, as in this on-field interview:

That’s to say nothing of the Tebowing, the inscribing of Bible verses on his person, and the commercials for annoying Christian organizations. But so far, Jeremy Lin seems far more subdued in his expressions of faith.

While a recent report indicates that Lin wears a wristband reading “In Jesus Name I Play,” you wouldn’t know it since he doesn’t talk about it.

(Debby Wong - U.S. Presswire)

After watching a number of Lin’s postgame interviews on YouTube, one thing in particular strikes me. He never leads off with a declaration of faith like Tebow. In fact, the only context in which Lin seems to bring up his faith is when he’s asked about his feelings on his meteoric rise to fame, and he mentions God and Jesus in the context of extreme gratitude.

Do I think Jesus gave Lin the chance to play? No, I think Lin and, ultimately, D’Antoni gave Lin the chance to play. But Lin sincerely believes that the Man Upstairs handed him this opportunity, so I can understand his gratefulness.

Lin also isn’t known for kneeling to pray on the court. I’m not the only one who’s noticed his less showy brand of faith; Michael Luo of the New York Times has this to say:

[M]y gut tells me that Lin will not wind up like Tebow, mainly because Lin’s persona is so strikingly different. From talking to people who knew him through the Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Christian Fellowship, and watching his interviews, I have the sense that his is a quieter, potentially less polarizing but no less devout style of faith.

Like Lin, many Asian-American Christians have deep personal faith, but they are also, notably, almost never culture warriors. That is simply not what is emphasized in their churches and college Christian fellowships, including the one that played such a formative role in Lin’s life at Harvard.

Luo seems to believe, as an Asian-American Christian himself, that Lin’s reserved style of faith is rooted in his culture. All I can say, as an atheist sports fan, is that it’s refreshing not to feel like I’m being proselytized at. It’s clear that Lin has a deep personal faith, but he appears to keep it just that: personal. I don’t begrudge him the occasional mention of it in his interviews — these are his sincerely held beliefs, and as silly as I find them, I don’t think he needs to be silent about them. But at the same time, Lin seems to consider his beliefs relevant to one person, and one person only: himself. And that’s exactly as it should be.

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  • 303dk

    “he went unrecognized for years in the NBA’s Development League”

    except for when he was named All-NBADL First Team?

    not to mention MVP of the ABA Club championship…

  • Jake

    Another difference between Lin and Tebow: Lin is actually good.

  • The Other Weirdo

    All I got from that wall of text was, “Wow! Those economics degrees sure aren’t worth nearly as much as they used to be.”

  • Nordog

    I know I’m late to the party, but I’m not a football fan so while I had heard of Tebow I had not really experienced the Tebow thing.

    Anyway, caught some of the Tebowing thing and I gotta say it’s creepy.

  • Nordog

     Oh, and about Lin, I’m not a basketball fan so I’ll figure out that phenomenon a couple of years after everyone else has moved on.

  • I think that’s the thing: he’s very humble and sincere. Listen to his post-game interviews, that’s what comes across – he’s very willing to give the credit for his successes to others, and to be a team player. And no, I don’t think he’s proselytized at all outside of when he’s been asked what he credits his success to. He’s very refreshing after all the phony Tebowmania.

  • Kataton

    I’m not sure I take your meaning. Why are you calling this article a “wall of text”? It’s fairly clearly written, with many sentences of varying length. It’s divided into paragraphs grouped around several sub-points which support the overall point that Lin expresses his faith differently than Tebow. That seems like the opposite of a wall of text…

  • Anonymous

    I absolute despise the phrase “sincerely held beliefs”. Usually that’s code for “don’t criticize anything I say or do as a result of them” and used as an excuse to not follow established rules and laws

  • He’s just another guy from L.A.  There are a zillion rags-to-riches stories there.

  • T-Rex

    Athletes and entertainers receive way too much attention and money in our society. They play games and pretend to be other people for a living. Why would anyone put much stock in what they believe or what they say? Rediculous.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Sarah Palin finally likes an Asian person.

  • Annie

    I am sure what we are seeing is a difference in personalities, but Tebow is also one up on Lin in the privilege department.  I wonder how much that comes into play here?

  • Jesse

    Have you seen the constant feed of Jesus coming from his twitter? The brain’s capacity for compartmentilization is impressive when kids this smart can still believe in fairy tales.

  • Justin Miyundees

    I think the worst form I’ve seen is Javier Hernandez from Manchester United.  He kneels at center field and does some strange incantation that looks like a hybrid pagan christian ceremony.  It’s just weird and ridiculous and even creepier than “Tebowing”.

  • ummm I saw a post game interview where he INDEED led off the interview by thanking his “lord and savior jesus christ” It was after he hit the buzzer beater in Toronto

  • The Other Weirdo

     Perhaps you’re right. No, scratch that. You ARE right. It’s a perfectly laid-out, formatted and typeset article about absolutely nothing. Reading this article is like reading about a person who, despite pursuing an engineering degree, ends up marking time as a Women’s Studies professor.

  • Xeon2000

    Generally speaking, that type of attitude is very commonplace within Asian-subculture.

  • Dan

    Sexist comment alert.

  • Bob

    How about Lin is a good basketball player and Tebow is a bad football player.  Lin deserves the adoration.  Tebow doesn’t

  • Good and Godless

    Basketball is marketing and with tebow generating interest in football the minds behind marketing campaigns launched another one in basketball to keep the mindless fervor going. An unfamiliar player an opposition oddly  giving too much leeway and marketing has scored another coup against the gullible. 

    Find some real news and drop this regurgitated marketeer drivel. 

  • Johnk

    There are all kinds of fairy tales – like the oft proselytized one that the universe and all that we know popped into existence just… Because.
    Really smart people believe that, too.

  • Really? Because I don’t know of anyone who believes that.

  • Guest

    Atheists should not be afraid to be in-your-face with their atheism. They should be proud to declare their beliefs in public. But Christians on the other hand, they should just keep their pathetic beliefs to themselves and shut up about their fairy tales in public.

  • Juliet

    So sad to hear that there are some people who doesn’t believe Jesus Christ and quote as it’s just another fairy tale. Thank God He is using our Sports Icon nowadays in spreading the faith. Let’s remember whatever we are in the society, may be in fame or not, we won’t be here without a God who created us. In times  of darkness, He is there and in times of victory He’s also there, so sovereign yet compassionate that He doesn’t makes us a robot for us to follow Him, instead He gives us the freedom and sees our humble heart. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, atheist are so mean! Demanding a bit of proof behind belief claims. Hey but please keep your tax exempt privileges to keep your church lights burning and fuel for your minister’s jet.

  • I will boat in my Lord! :D

    Praise God for everything that is happening. Tebow, Lin and Pacquiao! I know who’s next… YOU! I am praying for all of you guys! The end is near, you may not believe it but God is gracious that when the time comes that you are ready, He will still accept all of you despite all the hate He is receiving from you today. I am so glad that the Lord my God is someone who spouses love more than anything. To Him be the Glory when the day comes that the eyes of your hearts will be opened. God bless us all!

  • Yes, thank God that he’s spent so much time spreading his word through “Sports Icon nowadays.” Wouldn’t it be great if he helped the starving, sick, etc….nope. Guess he’s too busy.

  • Your Friendly Theist

    Not sure why–don’t you think you have the sincerely held belief that atheism is true? 

  • This, times a billion.

  • Kataton

    Well, at least I can make sense out of what Megan is trying to say in this article. I’m afraid I can’t say the same for your comments. Again, I ask for clarifiction; I don’t understand what you mean?

  • Johnk

    Atheists definitely see it that way. It’s an amazing example of the pot calling the kettle black. Christians should cease speaking about their faith 100% in public, but atheists should have parades (On public streets, wearing insulting costumes), and shout from the rooftops that they are right, all-knowing, and if you make a mis-step, they will sue you!

  •  It’s far more important to have His word spread than to actually–you know–do anything.

    Well, aside from showing up in toast and assorted foodstuffs.

  • Jandflim

    If you had his faith you don’t have to be starving and sick.

  • Jandflim

    I don’t know what your belief. But everybody should have the freedom to speak and people like you  can plug up their ear if they want to.

  • Zeggman

     I can only recall one atheist using a personal victory to declare their beliefs in public, and that was Kathy Griffin. Actually, I don’t know if she’s an atheist; her “suck it, Jesus” may have been her speaking as a comedian rather than as an atheist.

    I think it’s really a matter of degree. Hermant didn’t say Lin should just shut up, he simply appreciated the fact that he didn’t feel compelled to inject his deeply held personal beliefs into every opportunity for public expression.

  • Kaka

    I actually agree with pretty much of this article.

    I think there is a difference between Atheist’s outwardly expressing their beliefs that there are no deities than say a christian outwardly expressing their belief in god. The difference being that the christians believe they are harnessing some sort of spiritual strength from it, Whereas an atheist would really have no legitimate reason to outwardly express their lack of belief in any deities.
    I guess you could argue that you could harness this spiritual strength in the locker room rather than on the court/field. Which would be fair imo, Although you could argue that even though millions of people are watching the dispaly of faith is still a private one in the sense that nobody is being forcibly included in the worship of said god.

    Im not denying atheists their right to outwardly express their beliefs, Although i think in term of being human beings and respecting each other, People with faith have a more of a leg to stand on in that sense. Since they (at least in their mind) would have something benefit from it in a spiritual sense.

  • Juliet


  • SanchezgingPhil

    Yeah we may ask question sometimes, why is this and why is that, well its normal but, we cant avoid that feeling but remember ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD. People become better thru trials and conflict.  If  we continue to put our faith in Him and seek His will,  He will be abiding with us in all the circumstances that we will be facing. And one day when we look back and compare the difference between having a life with HIM (maybe in trouble, sickness, pain, etc.) we will learn that GOD above is so so sovereign and has each reason for everything. He will let us shine wherever He puts us. We may be in fame or in a big problem  right now, people around us will be amaze and will glorify our GOD as they will see how good He is.

    (By the way those Sports Icons that we’ve mention has faced so many trials also. Like of Pacquiao who used to be an ordinary poor man. But along the way God has blessed him despite of what was he and now little by little God is doing something in his spiritual life. And Jeremy Lin who didn’t get instantly what he wanted to be, BUT NOW THEY GET THE  FAME and the SUCCESS that they have right now. And for sure they’re so thankful to GOD for it as they realize HOW GOD WORKS IN THEIR LIVES.)


  • sanchezgingphil
  • Mrssaherlifeafterlife

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