If You’re Thinking of Visiting Orlando, Next Week Would Be a Good Time to Go February 21, 2012

If You’re Thinking of Visiting Orlando, Next Week Would Be a Good Time to Go

For those of you who want an appetizer to the Reason Rally on March 24th or for those of you who can’t go and want another chance to meet other atheists, the Center for Inquiry is hosting a conference in Orlando, Florida called “Moving Secularism Forward” next week (March 1st – 4th).

The speakers are excellent ones (Hi, Jessica!) and you can get $100 off the registration cost if you sign up now.

(via Center for Inquiry)

On another note, CFI just hired Paul Fidalgo to be their new communications director. Good move! Paul knows what he’s doing and he’ll make a great addition to that staff.

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  • I live in Orlando and can’t attend because of AWP. Is there no justice in this world?!

  • Annie

    I would love to do a day trip, as I can’t go to the whole thing (I was just in Orlando for MegaCon this past weekend).  Does anyone know if you can pay for one day… or must I pay for the whole conference?  Also, would love to know who is speaking each day, but the website provided doesn’t seem to specify.

  • Danimal

    MegaCon was awesome! Left me low on funds though. Tickets are definitely pricey.

  • Anonymous

    For someone on Social Security it is too expensive. I live just 70 miles away and can not attend because of cost. Would seem my fellow atheist do not want the poor amongst them either.

  • Thanks for the praise, Hemant. 

  • Emily

    Ditto. Megacon ate all my spare cash. Its cool to think that a couple of people who read the same blog were there.

  • BJ

    I live in Orlando and I can’t afford it!

  • I’m going to that 😀

    And since I’m a member of a CFI on Campus affiliate, I get discounted prices. 

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