The Ten Point Vision Contest Finalists February 18, 2012

The Ten Point Vision Contest Finalists

As most of you likely know, there is a contest underway through the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. The winner will receive two free plane tickets from any North American city to the Reason Rally in Washington, D.C. and will meet Richard Dawkins — every atheist’s dream.

The judges have selected 7 finalists… one of those happens to be created by Noelle George and Donna Swafford, two “Mothers Beyond Belief.” Check out their video (entitled “Equality, Freedom, Respect”) on the contest page and vote for it if you like it! (Hurry! There is only a week left to vote.)

Also, for those that don’t know (since it was mentioned on this site before), “Mothers Beyond Belief” is a private secular Facebook group for mothers about pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. There are currently 927 members (I myself am one of them) and the women, the discussions/debates, the ideas, and the support are incredible! Come join us and help build a more secular world.

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  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it’s gotten better since I left the group.

  • Anonymous

    Not all atheists worship Dawkins, I, for one, think he is an idiot.

  • katied

    Yeah it was meant somewhat in jest 🙂

  • dauntless

    That line leapt at me as well. I don’t think he’s an idiot, but I don’t have any desire to meet him, despite the fact that I am a molecular biologist. Even if the line “every atheists’s dream” was meant “somewhat in jest”, it represents the cult of personality behind Dawkins which I would rather not have some random, strident religious person read and take seriously. Of course, maybe they have that right, because so many atheists do look up to Dawkins a little too much, just because he wrote a book or two about us.

  • There’s also a Dads Beyond Belief group.  Not sure if we’re any good, but we have a bit of fun and I think remain respectful in our disagreements.

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