Purity Bear, Stop Looking At Me! February 18, 2012

Purity Bear, Stop Looking At Me!

(In response to this post.)

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  • Anonymous

    What I’d like to know is when do Purity Bear and Pedo Bear get to meet?  That could be epic.

  • Anonymous

    Well, the whole Purity Ball thing has highly pedophilic overtones, so they’re closely related in any case

  • Does Purity Bear care about masturbation? Genuinely curious here.

  • chicago dyke, evolved outlaw

    “show me where the purity bear touched you”

  • Chas

    I thought purity bear *was* masturbation 😉

  • Aljaž Kozina

    …Purity Bear – as creepy as Pedobear, but more annoying!

  • Anonymous

    Almost, he’s actually a complete tosser……

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