He Gave Up His Life for You… February 18, 2012

He Gave Up His Life for You…

It’s a “Christian parody” of Bruno Mars‘ “Grenade.”

It’s a parody, I assume, because everything she says in the lyrics are laughable…?

(via Joe. My. God.)

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  • Kai Price

    Um. That does not appear to be a parody. Yuck

  • M J Shepherd

    It’s…so terrible.

  • Salvador

    Disgusting “christian pop”. I laughed out loud when that gambling guy took off his glasses and revealed himself as Voldemort… or was ist “the devil”?

  • Patrick

    Sneakily capitalising on veterans’ deaths – tasteful.

  • Patrick

    And perhaps worse – stealing the ending from the Matrix!

  • Anonymous

    Poe’s law?

  • Isaac

    I couldn’t get past the first 15 sec. This reminds me too much of the crap they play on the K-Love station that just came in and bought out the only modern rock radio station in Central Ms

  • I know, right? I live the Jackson area and really hate the lack of adequate radio stations.

  • I really, liked her dress and shoes she was wearing, I wonder where she bought them???? I’ll have to look around. On a side note that cross must not have been to heavy if she could carry it while wearing heels! And her singing was abysmal, not a great talent there, but not to horrible, was at least able to make it through the song.

  • Lori

    Oh wow. I both laughed and then scowled through the first minute, then I had to stop it. It’s a little hard to believe this is meant to be serious.

  • Isaac

    I was so infuriated I drove over to the station to bitch at them after it changed only to realize that they syndicate the whole thing from out of state. So, not only did they take away they only two good stations and replaced them with crap music, they took a dozen or so jobs completely out of the area. Those bastards.

  • J. Kelsch

    I read the comments prior to viewing, watched with sound off, highly recommend.  Loved to Moe Howard haircut on the spurned preacher.

  • Unfortunately I’m going to say this is legit. My youth group at church would do things like this, but of slightly better quality. This is just… laughable. What we learn from this video is that if you don’t have Jesus, you smoke the dope, are a hooker, gamble with your street thugz, have freaky problems with your eyes, carry guns, and drive your mini-van around some crazy girl lugging her wooden cross around town.

  • My coworkers actually play K-LOVE for about 5 hours a day almost every day. It makes me want to die for my own sins, really.

  • bigjohn756

    Unbelievable! I watched with the sound off, and, then, only because I thought that she was very pretty.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure the song maker sincerely believes Christian Mythology is not Mythology. It’s selling a sanitized version of the bible, while still dropping guilt bombs. 

    So many questions: How did he give up his life if came back to life? Why did he need to die for me? (Seems like a dumb system.) 

    Human sacrifice is not a pretty aspect of a religion. Dressing it up as a man-god sacrificing himself to his dad (not dad, but the same person)… 

    Future psychologists will have a blast typing to figure out all of the buttons Christianity tries to push.

  • Was there something up with the pause button? It started playing on both Google Reader *and* this page at the same time and I couldn’t stop either of them. I checked another YouTube video and and I was able to stop it without any problems. What’s going on?

  • [the Devil] got Judas to betray God with a silent kiss

    Since Judas’s kiss was a required plot point, doesn’t that still make The Devil God’s Bitch?  Bad Devil!

  • Isaac

    Oh, I am so sorry. You should tell them you found this great band called Lamb of God that they need to check out. 😉

  • I think it’s kind of sad.  It’s wasted talent.  The song is as good as any pop song and she has a nice voice.

    Christian music doesn’t own the stupid lyrics market.  That’s why I prefer instrumentals or songs in languages I don’t understand.

  • Lana

    So the impression I’ve been getting since leaving the LDS church and becoming atheist is that all other Christian religions lay a MASSIVE guilt trip on their members because of Christ’s death. I swear, every time I hear one of these Christians saying, “He nailed his hands to the cross for you, he gave up his life for you,” I heard an echo of my mom’s voice when she caught me smoking cigarettes — “What did I do wrong? Where did I go wrong? I gave up my career for you kids! I’ve given everything!”

    And as a 15 year old girl, I would try and argue with my mom that I had free will,and that at 15 I was old enough to make my own mistakes and decisions. I listen to these Christian guilt trips and I think of how frustrated and angry and powerless and voiceless I felt when my parents guilt-tripped me; as though all my experiences and hopes and dreams and fears were invalidated by their past and their dreams for me.

    I can’t even listen to that video, it pisses me off too much.

  • Anonymous

     Your comment has made my day.  Hilarious

  • Anonymous

     What do you mean, didn’t you know that’s what all us atheists do all day long?  I don’t consider it a good day unless I hustle at least $100 (of preferably christian money) on the street a day.

  • CS

    This is another example of Christians who should read their bible more often… “He went through all this pain – never once did he complain.” (repeated multiple times in the song) The Bible tells a different story: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sayings_of_Jesus_on_the_cross#Mark_15:34

  • Anonymous

    It was the devil trying to get you to commit suicide. He’s after your soul.

  • Daniel

    I’m very confused by the director’s B&D/foot fetish.  

  • http://faithinspires.wordpress.com/tag/vonabell-sherman/
    Not a parody. She is a Christian who delights in the Lord: http://www.rjcnetwork.org/?page_id=710

  • http://faithinspires.wordpress.com/tag/vonabell-sherman/
    Not a parody. She is a Christian who delights in the Lord: http://www.rjcnetwork.org/?page_id=710

  • Anonymous

    im so out of the loop, i have no idea who Bruno was so i checked out the video this young lady was parodizing (sp?) and the Bruno has a great voice. i dont know why she would want to parody this, unless ofcourse, him pulling a piano offender her, because only her Jesus can be a victim, and only those who follow him can. I can see no other reason why she would re-make the song.

  • Simon le Bon

    I was hoping the dress would come off 😉

  • Politisis

    Jesus in high heel shoes?

  • Politisis

    She has to call it a “parody” to avoid prosecution for ripping off Bruno’s music, lyrics and visuals.  (Love that Christian “honesty”) But given the origins and definitions of the word “parody”, I’d say it is the perfect description for her drivel: 

    Wiki: “According to Aristotle (Poetics, ii. 5), Hegemon of Thasos was the inventor of a kind of parody; by slightly altering the wording in well-known poems he transformed the sublime into the ridiculous.”

  • Anonymous

    I thought he was like Cyclops from the X Men.

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