Ball State University Now Has an Atheist Group February 18, 2012

Ball State University Now Has an Atheist Group

The Atheists for Science and Reason are now an officially recognized group on the Ball State University campus and, for their first act, they set up shop for Darwin Day, answering questions and handing out Darwin-y valentines!

The one-month-old group sat in the Atrium for seven hours on Monday, turning two folding tables into a one-stop shop for anyone with questions about atheism or evolution. Resources available to passing students included informative CDs called Darwin discs, fliers, links to websites and the group’s own Ask an Atheist forum.

Wes Jurica, a sophomore computer science major and the acting president for the organization, said one of the main goals of the group is to get rid of misconceptions people have about atheism.

“It’s a statement about whether or not there is a god,” he said. “It’s just one thing. It’s not a way of life. It’s not a world view. It’s just this one question.”

They also have a Facebook page and an awesome logo 🙂

If you’re on campus, go to a meeting and surround yourselves with awesome heathens!

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  • Aww, I was just there on the weekend. I wish I stuck around to meet you all.

  • Danny

    Hooray for my Alma Mater doing something awesome! and by the looks of that picture, I used to play in the university’s wind ensemble with one of them.

  • p

    Like the clever ASR logo!

  • I’ve got to say, that is an awesome logo!

  • I was going to ask “Why isn’t there a group like this at Purdue?”, but there is, I am surprised to learn.
    The Best Kept Secret on campus, I guess. the neo-pagans get more press…

  • Nick Klemm

    I just joined the group last week after the school newspaper did a piece on their Darwin day activity. I’m excited to finally have a group like this on campus.

  • chicago dyke, evolved outlaw

    way to go, Ball St freethinkersk! love the logo. 

  • ctcss

    “It’s a statement about whether or not there is a god,” he said. “It’s just one thing. It’s not a way of life. It’s not a world view. It’s just this one question.”

    Actually, this ends up coming across as being a rather naive statement. If the statement in question was simply an isolated one of “there is no God” vs the more commonly accepted “there is a God”, it would simply be one question rather than a worldview. But a world view ends up being implicitly involved because the theist standpoint (“there is a God”) is a worldview (even if it is one that is all too often nebulously defined).

    Thus, every area of thought touched on by the theistic worldview will need a corresponding question and answer from atheists regarding that same area of thought. (Where do we all come from, what happens after death, how do we cope with tragedy, why do things happen in our lives, what moral values should be followed, what does the future hold for us, etc.)

    Atheists don’t have an involved “non-creed” or a specific list of requirements to follow, but a worldview is definitely involved, it’s simply one where materialism/naturalism defines answers (or causes related questions to be asked) regarding the areas of thought that the theistic worldview seems to have answers in place for.

    Like it or not, a worldview is involved and simply saying that atheists (as a group) don’t have a formal one is just begging the question IMO.

  • Taxihorn

    So does an agoblinist also have to have an entire implicit worldview in opposition to goblinists? What about aleprechaunists? And aunicornists? It would appear I suddenly have to account for a lot of other people’s world views, for which I have little to say other than, “Bull.”

  • Thanks for posting Hemant! We are so excited about our group.  That awesome logo is due to the amazing graphic art skills of member Nathan Capaccio. 

  • Wow, it’s like Da Vinci’s Last supper, only with hoodies.  And women..and no food….and of course, it won’t be the last gathering, but other than that, just like the painting!

  • ctcss

     With all due respect, if you had considered what I was saying, you would realize that you don’t have to have a pre-existing, built-in response to any and everyone’s worldviews. But by saying that atheism is simply a response to one question and one question only, anyone who has any worldview questions will ask what you think about the life issues that their particular worldview already covers to whatever degree. (In other words, if only one life question and answer has been put forth by the atheists, what about all the other life questions and answers that have not?)

    If you had read the article being cited, you would have noted that the booth staffers had to answer many questions of that nature and most of the questions would have come from believers. And unless the staffers were interested in blowing off such questions with rude responses, they would have had to consider what their answers to those questions would be. And since those questions would center around life issues (which is what a worldview is all about), the answers would be worldview answers.

    So like it or not, a worldview (and the thoughtful self examination required to produce it) is going to come forth. And the answers may not apply to all atheists as a group. But that, as I said, is simply begging the question.

  • Anonymous

     Hi Jennifer, good luck to you and your group!

  • Bluebury

    I’m such a proud alum!  The Cards don’t often get recognition, so it’s always super exciting to see the school featured.  I’ll have to contact you guys next time I’m visiting Muncie.
    Thanks for posting this, Hemant!!

    If anyone from the group is reading this, I’m curious who your faculty sponsor is? 

  • Ashton

    Why do they have Oscar the Grouch on their poster?  I zoomed in on the picture and only saw quotes from Carl Sagan and Neil DeGrasse Tyson – none from Oscar!

  • Devin

    Thanks! also, I believe that was me you played with lol. 

  • Bohemianboy82

    As as proud Ball Sate alum I say BRAVO.  The bible belt needs WAY more groups like this.  Bravo!

  • Bohemianboy82

    As as proud Ball Sate alum I say BRAVO.  The bible belt needs WAY more groups like this.  Bravo!

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