If You’re in Indiana This Monday… February 17, 2012

If You’re in Indiana This Monday…

After the Speech Team finishes the state tournament this weekend, I’ll be giving a totally-not-boring talk about math for the Secular Alliance of Indiana University (Bloomington) on Monday night at 6:00p.

Come! For what it’s worth, this talk doesn’t really get into atheism, so don’t be afraid to tell your religious friends to join you, too 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    Out of curiosity Hemant, what are your thoughts on 
    http://www.khanacademy.org/ ?

  • Anonymous

    Not sure where the FINA building is, haven’t had classes there yet, but I’m planning on being there! 

  • I live there!  Um!  Here!  Cool!  Maybe I can finagle…

  • CaitLeonard

     It’s by Showalter Fountain, it’s not hard to find.

  • Many thoughts on it… in short, I like that it gives kids the opportunity to practice their skills, but to think that it’s revolutionizing education is crazy.

  • RobinK

    Any chance you had this recorded?  Or maybe a transcript?  Would love to hear your thoughts!