Secular Activism on Valentine’s Day February 15, 2012

Secular Activism on Valentine’s Day

Here’s a wonderful way to spread a positive message around Valentine’s Day, courtesy of the Secular Student group and Gay-Straight Alliance at Collin College in Texas:

That banner reads “Safe Sex is Great Sex.”

[Our groups] got in contact with Planned Parenthood and other local health organizations, and distributed condoms, lube, and other safe sex literature the last two days. We accepted donations and got more than $100!

One of the students said they gave out 1300 condoms (and many dental dams) over the course of the tabling. Impressive!

As far as I can tell, there weren’t any protests. So consider doing something similar on your own campuses! — it doesn’t even have to be Valentine’s Day.

(Thanks to Kevin for the link!)

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  • MoonLitOwl

    … Where’s the link?! Lol.

  • Anonymous

    I dunno if I’m alone in this, but though condoms don’t bother me at all, dental dams are just about the biggest turnoff I can imagine. It’s one thing to put on something snug that you can thereafter forget about, but it’s quite another to lay a piece of plastic on someone and hold it with your hands (lest it fall or flap on your nose) while you jab at it with your tongue and mouth.

    I’m not a guy, so maybe this isn’t a big deal, but ever since I first saw one at age 12-13 (San Francisco in the nineties was like that) I’ve wondered if this was actually something most people would ever use.

  • Skeptic1970

    This is a great idea.  It needs to be replicated all over the land.  My town has no planned parenthood and this would help to keep the young people.  It also gives the atheist movement great street cred with the young people.

  • FriscoAv8r

    One minor correction.  It’s Collin College, not “Collins College”.  I live down the street from their campus in Frisco, TX.  They have about 4 or 5 campuses around Collin County, TX.

  • Fixed!

  • Annie

    As someone who has been in a monogamous relationship (with the same partner) for 23 years, I had to google the dental dam.  Sure, I had a pretty good idea what it was,  but I kept picturing the dental dam used by my dentist… for dental work.  I had no idea!  Feeling rather old at the moment…

  • Jdatty

    What fine Physical Specimens of humanity at that table!  snicker

  • Valentine’s Day is also observed as National Condom Day.  My PRIDE organization (I serve as the advisor) handed out over 500 condoms last year and repeated the feat this year with help from the secular group for which I also serve as advisor.  Last year we were able to get a table, but this year we did a “reverse trick-or-treat,” and also passed out literature on STI’s and emergency contraception.  The condoms this year were donated from our local health department, so the information for them was printed on cards with the condoms.

  • Uly

     We were all told about dental dams in health class (eons ago) but I never heard of anybody actually using one. Ever.

  • Rrr

     What, you don’t like happy people? Hmm. Wonder why…

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