Keep the Children Out of Here… February 14, 2012

Keep the Children Out of Here…

***Update***: Welcome, those of you who came here by way of Ken Ham. I apologize for the lack of sexually explicit content on this site. As much as I’d love to live up to your expectations, I’m just not that scandalous. I guess you’ll just have to settle for general blasphemy. You can see an update to this post here.

The website Budget Travel is taking nominations for a list of “15 places every kid should see before 15” — they’ll eventually feature their list (culled from the nominations) in the magazine of the same name.

Currently at the top of the list?

The Creation Museum:

Of all the places kids ought to visit at a young age, the Creation Museum should be faaaaaaar down on the list. It’s much more entertaining when you’re older and know enough about how the world works to realize the whole thing’s a sham.

So go vote for the current #2, the US Space & Rocket Center in Alabama. All you have to do is click on the Thumbs Up sign next to the site’s name.

In fact, go vote for anything so that the museum gets kicked off the list. Then tell your friends to vote, too 🙂

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  • Thanks for the heads up, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to subject their children to such incredible delusions.

  • Heather Rasmussen

    The Creation Museum appears on the list 5 times in various (mis)spellings… I’m really sure what to think about that.

  • Edwardjbaker1950

    Stay away from the Creation Museum unless you are below intelligence or want a good laugh .Be prepared to be Converted to Creationism

  • Looks like the Creation Museum is in the lead by about 300 votes right now (681 Creation, 380 Space and Rocket). I added a vote to the US Space and Rocket center and left a comment trying to explain how terrible the Creation Museum is. Hopefully it won’t make it into the final list.

  • Guest

    I wouldn’t call it a *good* laugh. More of a tragic one.

  • Anonymous

    For great justice!

  • “We have 3 children ages 3, 7 & 15. There’s something there for everyone! It is also a great alternative for a science museum, and you will learn a lot! – Winter Dryden”

    A great alternative for a science museum!? Statements like that make me despair for the future of humanity.

  • At this rate, I disagree when you say “In fact, go vote for anything so that the museum gets kicked off the list.” because I think that will disperse our votes so much that it will only help The Creationism Museam. We need to vote for what has the best chance of taking it over – US Space & Rocket Center in Alabama. But even then, I would love for the Creation Museam to be knocked off the list completely, but to get 14 other choices up there.. I don’t think is going to happen. I’m willing to bed there is a calculated effort by Christians to get the Creation Museam up there. They must be coming to the site in droves every day to repeatedly vote for it.

    That’s worth noting – YOU CAN VOTE ONCE EVERY DAY! So don’t just vote once and forget about it, keep going back. I will.

  • Anonymous

    Disney World only has 45 votes? What madness is this?

  • guest

    It looks like the Creation Museum has been targeted by some creationist groups to make the top of the list by voting (once per day).  The numbers don’t make sense otherwise, not to mention it is the only location with any comments to speak of.

  • well, i should have voted for space and science in an effort to topple creation museum, but I had to vote my conscience and selected Yellowstone. I’ve posted a link elsewhere, so hopefully people will come on and fix this mess.

  • you can vote for multiple locations, just not the same one twice in 24 hours, so vote for as many as you like!

  • Well, how many times you ‘can’ vote in 24 hours depends on whether you feel like opening the site in private/incognito browser windows.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • didn’t it seem like there were a lot of Kentucky sites? 

  • Guest

    Can’t you vote for multiple things in one day?

  • Thin-ice

    That poll is fatally wounded by some creationist blogs telling them to go vote that way. There is no way that a creationist museum would beat Disneyland by such a huge margin otherwise. I don’t think there’s a chance that we could overcome the stupid people overload on this poll.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the first thing I noted.  I’m sure a 6th one will show up as Creashun Muzeum soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    It’s for vacations on a budget.  Disney is super expensive.

  • Anonymous

    Sure the site is a budget site, but the title ”
    15 places every kid should see before 15″ indicates an end all/be all list.

  • geol-nerd

     yes, you can, I voted for every national park and real museum on that list,

  • Annie

    Me too.  As a science teacher, I had to write a negative comment for the Creation museum… I couldn’t stop myself.  So sad.

  • Annie

    There are many great attractions on that list… several that I have taken my own child to see.  I voted for all the ones that had high ranks (but were not the Creation Museum).  I know this is a silly little poll, but what an embarrassment to our country if this phony museum actually places.

  • Oh I think it might be a great place to visit- as long as you have the science background to explain it all to your kids.  Kind of how The Magic of Reality has the mythical version first, then the reality.  Nothing wrong with seeing the mythical point of view.

    I wouldn’t make a special trip mind you, but if we were in the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    Very true.  To clarify, I’d not be opposed to Disney still being much higher on the list as it definitely fits the criteria of the article.  To be honest, Disney seems like the obvious Family Feud answer to that question.  It seems like they’re mostly taking submissions for national parks, museums, and historic sites though.

  • A perfect place to hum the Flintstone’s theme.

  • HAHAHAHA! Somebody has added “Creatard Museum, KY” to the other varieties of the nominations. Good joke, but don’t vote for it, in case the website administrators will be combining the votes.

  • Pure Guava

    The comments are disheartening.

    693 to 685. 
    Just a few more… 

  • Anonymous

    There are two (or more) space museums splitting our vote.

  • Guest

    I’m guessing it’s because you can vote on multiple items. It’s probably an attempt to shove everything else out of the list.

  • LVatheist

    This is pretty funny.  The comments on the voting page are hilarious…how it goes from a solid chunk of “This is the best place to learn the truth about how Jesus made saddles for dinosaurs” to a steady flow of “I wish there was a bigger flying spaghetti monster exhibit”.  I’m lol’ing as I vote for all the other top vote options…

  • Joy Atkinson

    It looks like it’s been pushed to number 2 now by the US Space & Rocket Museum, so I almost voted for number 3, The Smithsonian US History Museum. But then I noticed that a lot of voters seemed not to be able to spell “creation” and if the votes for creeaton/cretin/crustacean are counted by some generous soul it could slip back into first. So I voted for the US Space and Rocket Museum, just in case. 
    I think I can vote again tomorrow though so I’ll look again then.

  • Tom

    Oh come on now, it is a great alternative to a science museum, in much the same way that O’Douls is a great alternative to beer.  One is a wonderful product of human ingenuity that is clearly the result of years of careful study and observation while the other is a horrible lie.

  • pepe

    So, apparently, you can vote again and again (for the same attraction) if you just close the tab and open it again.

  • pepe

    Oops, maybe not. It did let me vote thrice for the same one though 😕

  • NickDB

    Can you vote from overseas?

    As a foreigner who has visited the USA a few times, I have to say you hide your
    stupid people well. I see things like this and just shake my head wondering
    where you keep them all, because my experience of (well Florida, Washington and
    New York) the states is of a bustling NASA centre and Smithsonian with tons of
    curious children learning about space and science. This was 20 years ago

  • NickDB

     Looks like you can vote from overseas.

  • DJB

    What, no votes for The House on the Rock?  Maybe it’s not that well known outside of Wisconsin.  That place is so crazy, when Neil Gaiman featured it in his book American Gods, he actually toned it down a bit because he feared people would think he was making it up.  Apparently, some people still didn’t believe it was real.  I only visited once as a kid, but I thought it was great.

  • Jesse

    Here are the top 25, as of now:

    868: U.S. Space and Rocket Center, AL
    696: Creation Museum, KY
    479: Smithsonian Museum of American History, DC
    382: Alabama Space and Rocket Center, AL
    363: Yellowstone Nationsl Park, WY
    307: USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, AL
    277: Grand Canyon, NV
    249: The Statue of Liberty, NY
    242: Kennedy Space Center, FL
    202: Yosemite National Park, CA
    190: Mount Rushmore, SD
    183: Boston (Freedom Trail, Harbor, Navy Shipyard, Commons, Beacon Hill, etc.), MA
    175: The Mall and monuments in DC, DC
    169: Niagra falls, NY
    145: Gettysburg Civil War Battlefield, PA <- *** This is NUMBER 15 ***130: White house, DC
    124: Great Smokey Mountains National Park, TN
    120: Kentucky Horse Park, KY
    102: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, IL
    101: George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate, VA
    101: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, DC
    95: Disneyland, CA
    93: Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM
    90: Mammoth Caves National Park, KY
    88: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HI
    It'll take quite a lot of votes to get the Creation Museum out of the list, but I think we can do it.

    I generated this list with the following javascript code:

    function getN(a) {return a.getElementsByTagName("em")[0].innerHTML;}; function getName(a) {var b=a.getElementsByTagName("a");for(var x=0;x<b.length;x++) {if (b[x].href) {return b[x].textContent}}}; function sortF(a,b) {return (getN(b)-getN(a));}; var a=document.getElementById("cst-nominees-list").getElementsByTagName("li");var z=[];for(x=0;x<a.length;x++) {z.push(a[x])}; z.sort(sortF); for (x=0;x<25;x++) { print(getN(z[x])+": "+getName(z[x])+(x===14 ? " <- This is NUMBER 15! ***" : "" )) }

  • Anonymous

    Only six votes for the Spagetti Monster Universal Creation Museum, SD? What is this madness.

  •  Budget Travel already recommended visiting the Ark Park as #1 on the list of 5 Oddest Historical Replicas. They do seem to be poking fun at it and the Creation Museum though.

    …the U.S. is the perfect place to find historical (and not so historical) replicas to suit any need.

    1. Noah’s Ark on 800 acres of land in Grant County, Kentucky

    Technically construction on this replica hasn’t started yet, but the ark
    project comes from the same ministry that managed to fund and construct
    the Creation Museum,
    an institution dedicated to proving a literal interpretation of the
    Bible. Despite countless jokes related to the museum’s human/dinosaur
    co-existence diorama (somewhere a paleontologist is crying)
    , the New York Times
    reported that the Creation Museum had over a million visitors in its
    first three years, so it could be argued that the Ark Encounter will be
    one of the safest investments of the new year. If all goes according to
    plan, the ark will eventually be cradled in an amusement park featuring a
    100-foot Tower of Babel and special effects depicting the parting of
    the Red Sea.

  •  now make an iMacros script I can run everyday to autovote for each one.

  • Funny enough, your second sentence could refer to both the museums and the beer XD

  • Anonymous

     I think it’s pretty safe to say that the creationist demographic is more rural and out of the way.

  • TiltedHorizon

    I am still reading these reviews…..  I’ll be LOLing for a while. Obviously POE’s Law applies, but I’m still laughing anyway. 

    It gets them lernin good about histery. – joe esparzaSher ya kin. And bring yer kin! Dang Im HEEHAW-larious!! I love the
    kreashun stories. I just caint figger out where all them peeople came
    frum. i gess it musta bin incest like us here in Petersburg KY Jelly! – Jay Arr

  • Mairianna

    So does the Rocket Museum.  It’s listed under “Alabama” and “US Space and Rocket Center”  AND just below that;  “US Space and Rocket Centre”  WTF? 

  • It would be worth the trip just to walk in and bellow, “WILMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!”

  • Alex

    It’s a little more complicated. If you want to take the first place, then yes, you are right. But if the goal is to take it off the list completely, then you need to put it on the last place first, which involves voting up all other choices. In that light, you need to be voting for whatever is below the entry of interest, doesn’t matter what; it will still help in the long run. Later, when the CM is on the last place, then you need to pick the most viable alternative for the last place.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    277: Grand Canyon, NV
    I wonder if that’s anywhere near the one in Arizona.

  • Reginald Selkirk

     I considered voting for the “Cretin Museum,” but I didn’t want my vote to be counted for that other place.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    What a bogus poll. The World’s Largest Ball of Twine only has six votes?

  • Adi Rule

    Tom, I wish I could like your post one hundred times.

  • I’ve been to the Creation Museum (using the word “museum” loosely, of course), and it was hilarious. Did you know Noah probably made something similar to modern dog food to feed all the animals on the ark?! Who knew?! Of course, I am an adult and can process all their information as complete and utter nonsense. Also, in the gift shop you can buy souvenir shot glasses, disguised as candles- so at least there’s that.

  • Anonymous

    I just visited there last summer. Awesome place! Never would have believed something like that could be so… obscure. My sister included it in a list of things to do while we were visiting Wisconsin, and I’d never heard of it until then. Their website gives you no idea… you just have to go!

  • Laurend999

    someone added camp Quest, the secular summer camp, it’s getting my vote.

  • Anonymous

    Wow!  The Grand Canyon is now in Nevada?  

  • starskeptic

    or Grand Canon, AZ for that matter…

  • Maybe it’s another monument-themed hotel/casino in Las Vegas. 

  • Forrest Cahoon

    As of now, the Creation Museum is in 5th place, and the legitimate destination that’s the closest behind it is Kennedy Space Center, FL. That’s what I voted for, and at least the way things look now, the vote most likely to knock the Creation Museum off the board.

  • Vizbones

    Here’s another one from the comments section:

    “The Creation Museum is incredible! With all the “natural history”
    museums out there that teach nothing but evolutional fiction, it’s
    refreshing to see a place that proclaims the truth–and has the science
    to back it up! VERY well done, we’ll be visiting many times I’m sure 🙂 “And has the science to back it up??It’s one thing that they’re happy to have an “alternative”.  This one claims they supplant “natual history” with “science to back it up”!!Where does one even begin in deailing with this? 

  • Jesse

    Updated list:  We’ve gotten it out of the top 5, but we still need a lot more votes to get it out of the top *15*.

    1927: U.S. Space and Rocket Center, AL
    1719: Smithsonian Museum of American History, DC
    1558: Alabama Space and Rocket Center, AL
    1450: Grand Canyon, NV
    1349: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, DC
    1348: Creation Museum, KY
    1255: Kennedy Space Center, FL
    993: Yosemite National Park, CA
    736: The Statue of Liberty, NY
    636: Boston (Freedom Trail, Harbor, Navy Shipyard, Commons, Beacon Hill, etc.), MA
    613: American Museum of Natural History, NY
    591: USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, AL
    564: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, IL
    526: Niagra falls, NY
    515: Mount Rushmore, SD <- This is NUMBER 15! ***
    461: The Mall and monuments in DC, DC
    440: Gettysburg Civil War Battlefield, PA
    440: Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, OR
    409: White house, DC
    398: NASA – Johnson Space Center – Houston, TX
    386: Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM
    300: Acadia National Park, ME
    292: Mammoth Caves National Park, KY
    279: Great Smokey Mountains National Park, TN
    257: National Air and Space Museum, DC

  • Kezia

    The creation place is almost out o the top five !

  • Anonymous

    Missing from the list as far as I can see are the Lincoln Memorial and the Constitution Museum in Philadelphia – but you can vote for Independence hall.   Low budget, when it comes to free admission, you have everything in Washington, D.C.

  • Jenncrackenour

     It’s unfortunate how blinding religion can be. And as a Christian, I don’t want much to do with religion at all. Your religion, because atheism is just that, has clearly made you bitter. The Creation Museum is scientific AND biblical. Of course, the Bible is also quite scientific. It talks about gravity before it was “discovered,” it gives a great picture of where fossils could (and as I believe) have come from. Granted, nothing I’m saying now will mean anything to you, but I just felt the need to say it. I’m not being spiteful, I just feel it is my duty to give a defense.

  • Right.  Because before Newton came along people would have had no idea that things dropped unless they’d read the bible.

  • Annie

    Jenncrackenour-  Would you mind supplying the bible passages that talk about gravity and fossils?  I would be very interested in reading it.  Thanks!

  • Shadowden97

    Just curious, why the crusade to get the Creation Museum off the list? Does having the Creation Museum in the top 5 really that big of a deal for you?

  • I think it’s mostly because it was pretty obvious that there was a concerted campaign to get it there in the first place.  Kind of a quid pro quo.  Also online is where our disparate minorities can come together and not be so minor.  For once we’re not isolated pockets in a sea of religion.  We are our own voice, and quite frankly we get giddy like school kids over it.

  • Annie

    For me, it’s the fact that it tries to pass itself off as a science museum.  You can see from the comments how “educational” some people think it is.  It isn’t.  If they called it a biblical museum, I wouldn’t really care, but if people are looking for museums that offer solid science, it would be a disservice for them to be directed to a place that offers little or no science whatsoever.

  • Hugpete

    Well done everyone! The Creation museum is currently #5. Yosemite is not far behind it though. Remember, we can vote once every 24 hours!!

  • Marty

    Christianity is a religion. Atheism is not a religion, like bald is not a hair color. The Creation “Museum” is neither scientific nor biblical. 
    You aren’t being spiteful, sure.

  • Proletariat57

    I am in the hellish second year of grad school.  My mother fell down the basement steps 4 weeks ago.  My job cut me back to part time.   and THEN….I see this story.  I click on the link, and begin to read the comments by the xtians…but if you scroll down, then you get to the real comments.  I wet my pants laughing.  This is the best story I have ever read on this site!!!  

  • Proletariat57

    the best one I’ve read:   this is why we don’t have nice things in this country.

  • To quote Bill Maher, “Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position.” 

    The bible is not scientific, it was never intended to be. The creation museum is also not scientific and was also never intended to be. It’s the museum equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and yelling loudly at natural history in the hope that if you can drown it out, it will go away.

  • Jesse

    It’s been phranguated, here

    Here are the current rankings:

    5856: Smithsonian Museum of American History, DC
    4236: U.S. Space and Rocket Center, AL
    1961: Yosemite National Park, CA
    1960: Kennedy Space Center, FL
    1816: Creation Museum, KY
    1431: American Museum of Natural History, NY
    1086: The Statue of Liberty, NY
    1079: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, IL
    923: Boston (Freedom Trail, Harbor, Navy Shipyard, Commons, Beacon Hill, etc.), MA
    755: Niagra falls, NY
    743: USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, AL
    703: Mount Rushmore, SD
    653: NASA – Johnson Space Center – Houston, TX
    645: Gettysburg Civil War Battlefield, PA
    625: The Mall and monuments in DC, DC <- This is NUMBER 15! ***
    582: Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM
    581: White house, DC
    511: Acadia National Park, ME
    457: National Air and Space Museum, DC
    441: Mammoth Caves National Park, KY
    381: Great Smokey Mountains National Park, TN
    370: Disneyland, CA
    336: Musuem of Natural History, NY
    335: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HI
    328: Everglades National Park, FL
    We need over 1200 votes to put the Creation Musuem out of the top 15.  Everyone **you can vote for //all// the attractions** once a day.  Go for it!

  • Anon

    I’m sure you lot are so proud to be doing Satans work!! Keep it up, he’ll reserve a special place in HELL for you all!!

  • JennCrakenour

     A very interesting verse to consider is Job 26:7
    which states that God “hangs the earth on nothing.” This might evoke an
    image of God hanging the earth like a Christmas tree ornament, but
    hanging it on empty space. This verse expresses (in a poetic way) the
    fact that the earth is unsupported by any other object—something quite
    unnatural for the ancient writers to imagine. Indeed, the earth does
    float in space. We now have pictures of the earth taken from space that
    show it floating in the cosmic void. The earth literally hangs on
    nothing, just as the Bible teaches.

    As for fossils, the explanation I was suggesting was the great flood, as it would have buried masses beneath the rock layers. At least, the Biblical timeline accounts for the fact that red blood cells and soft tissue have been discovered among fossils, and this could not have survived the “scientific” timeline of the earth.

  • JennCrakenour

     I don’t know about you,  but I would say atheism is a belief system and a worldview, thus a religion. I mean, you believe things that haven’t and will never be proven, and defend them at all costs.

  • JennCrakenour

     The Bible may not seem scientific to you, I get that. But the idea of a creator is actually supported by science, it doesn’t violate any laws. On the other hand, the big bang violates AT LEAST the law of Causality.

  • JennCrakenour

     an idea that things drop? cetainly. an idea that the earth is suspended upon nothing in space? i highly doubt it.

  • JennCrakenour

     maybe you should visit it, its not all about the Bible, it just all agrees with the Bible. seriously, its got some pretty spectacular scientific exhibits.

  • Shadowden97

    Yet it is called ‘Creation Museum’, not ‘Kentucky Museum of Natural History’ or something along those lines. It’s right there in the name.

  •  Incorrect. We DISbelieve things that have never and will never be proven.

    However, we accept the findings of science, which is in the business of seeking actual truth. Via evidence.

  •  Supported by science? Seriously?

    Btw, by “doesn’t violate any laws” I think you mean it’s unfalsifiable. That doesn’t equal “true”, it means it not testable. Hence, NOT supported by science.

  • Anonymous

    L.O.L… and I mean that!

  •  Nice research. How does one actually use that javascript, though…?

  • There are a few. Most are under C, obviously, but one is right at the bottom, after Z

  • This would be so much easier if we could just down-vote instead…

  • There is no ‘law of causality’.  Current quantum mechanics explains how we get something from nothing. 

  • Biblical cosmology is a mix of completely wrong, or some completely vague that it only predicts stuff in retrospect.  That is, if people actually had to discover through other means that the earth is a sphere in space, then Biblical descriptions of it are useless.  It’s kind of like looking back at some event, and saying “Oh, THAT’S what Nostradamus meant!”

    If the Bible is so scientifically accurate, then how come it took so long for us to figure out that we are far from the center of everything- that we are in fact just another planets orbiting just another star out in an arm of just another galaxy?

  • Lizz

    To knock them out of spot #5 we need to vote for the next closest. The two that could make it are: American Museum of Natural History (NY) with 1693 and Boston (Freedom Trail, et al) with 1027. Voting for both should ensure they stay out of the top five.  If I’m missing one, let me know. That “museum” being in the top 5 is just not acceptable.

  • There’s evidence and there’s proof.  I can’t prove that I’m not living a dream in a Matrix.  But I’m not going to start believing it just because I saw a movie about it.

    There are a lot of things that can never be rigorously proven, and hence we all believe things (hopefully with evidence) that can never be proven.  If you think everyone on the planet is therefore religious, then you’re getting into semantic arguments.  You can define ‘religion’ however you want, but just realize that you’re making up your own definition that no self described atheist would agree to.

    We could also remove the distinction between Jewish/Christian/Muslim, and insist on calling all of you Abrhamian.   But what would be the point?  You’re not (I assume) Muslim, so why would I try to lump you in as such?

  • You believe the earth floats in space, but you can’t prove it.  Those pictures you’ve seen could be fake.  Ok, yes, I’m being facetious.  My point though is that you can have overwhelming evidence for something and not prove it.  That’s a far cry for believing in things solely on faith.

    As for red blood cells in fossils, it’s always worth checking out ‘the other side’ of any story.

  • Wfbrands

    i’m totally agree, pls give a look to for a better understanding

  • Gus Snarp

    The Creation Museum fell to number five yesterday, now it’s back up to number three, so the creationists are hitting this hard. They have an advantage in that they only have to figure out how to spell to only have one item to vote for. But if we want the Creation Museum out of the top five we all need to go back every day and vote for whatever is right behind the Creation Museum at the moment we vote. It’s probably counted by IP address, so be sure to do it from home as well as from work, Starbucks, wherever.

  • JennCrakenour

     I would say the reason it took so long to figure out is because the Catholic church had a lot of power and a lot of doctrines that the Bible doesn’t support. They were blinding to a lot of truth.

  • JennCrakenour

     but this begs the question, where did gravity come from?

  • JennCrakenour

    i didn’t get to read it completely, but i noticed that article sighting a source that said radiometric dating should be disregarded. this i would say is wrong, however i would recommend this site for answers about what i believe as far as this is concerned.

  • The definition of a religion is not just a “belief system and a worldview”. it’s very specifically the belief in AND worship of a superhuman controlling power. On those ground atheism is patently NOT a religion. If anything, it’s a philosophy. Atheists don’t have to prove anything, their position is that the things theists claim don’t exist, the burden of proof is on them. you can’t prove the non-existence of something, only it’s existence. Something theists are unable to do to the satisfaction of atheists.

  • Jesse

    Please vote for all (except the Creation Museum), but particularly the top 10 or so.4593: U.S. Space and Rocket Center, AL
    4096: Smithsonian Museum of American History, DC
    2646: Creation Museum, KY
    2622: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, DC
    2423: Yosemite National Park, CA
    2336: Kennedy Space Center, FL
    1895: American Museum of Natural History, NY
    1407: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, IL
    1379: The Statue of Liberty, NY
    1157: Boston (Freedom Trail, Harbor, Navy Shipyard, Commons, Beacon Hill, etc.), MA
    917: Niagra falls, NY
    836: USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, AL
    835: Mount Rushmore, SD
    806: NASA – Johnson Space Center – Houston, TX
    796: Gettysburg Civil War Battlefield, PA <- This is NUMBER 15! ***
    760: The Mall and monuments in DC, DC
    715: Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM
    701: White house, DC
    623: Acadia National Park, ME
    599: National Air and Space Museum, DC
    557: Mammoth Caves National Park, KY
    462: Great Smokey Mountains National Park, TN
    441: Disneyland, CA
    419: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HI
    418: Musuem of Natural History, NY

  • Yes I’ve read AIG.  There is a fatal flaw in starting with an assumption, and then doing whatever you can to make your observations match your assumption.

    The best way to learn about history and the age of the earth is to consult the history book of the universe—the Bible. Many scientists and theologians accept a straightforward reading of Scripture and agree that the earth is about 6,000 years old. It is better to use the infallible Word of God for our scientific assumptions than to change His Word in order to compromise with “science” that is based upon man’s fallible assumptions. True science will always support God’s Word.

    True science gives you truth, weather it matches a collection of stories or not.

  • The same place God came from?

  •  Lawrence Krauss!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Someone call the Waaaah!-mbulance! Ken Ham of the Creation Museum doesn’t like our “unethical tactics to attack the creation museum” on this poll! 

  • Oh God that’s FUNNY!

  • Ok, that I can’t disagree with 🙂

  • Anonymous

    You’d be wrong.  I lack belief in leprechauns too.  Does that make my lack of belief in leprechauns a religion?

  • Anonymous

    There is no Law of Causality.  There is something called legal cause but that’s about civil law and nothing to do with the Big Bang.  Causality is a point of logic in a linear time frame.  The Big Bang, if we are to extrapolate the evidence, refers to a singularity in spacetime.  A point where space and time are one dimensional.  Time does not exist and neither does space.  Causality cannot operate without a framework of spacetime.  There is nothing to violate.
    There is absolutely no evidence, logic or reasoning to support a creator nor is there any need to propose one to explore how the universe operates.

  • NickDB

     Hope so, because I really don’t want to wait in line to get in.

  • You can vote for multiple locations! vote for both.

  • Geraard Spergen

    New tactic, vote for whichever attraction is one place below the Creation Museum.  It’s down to fourth now and Yosemite is 5th…. that was an easy pick.

  • BenFromCA

    With all due respect (and that’s very little) Jenn, that’s simply an idiotic position to take.  I won’t repeat all of the very entirely valid refutations that commenters have provided below.  I’ll simply point out how quick faith-heads are to accept any assertion that supports their personal delusions, no matter how irrational or how patently ridiculous that argument might be, without expending a shred of intellectual effort to think it through.  But then you don’t need to think it through, do you?   The church will do all of your thinking for you.

  • Uly

     Earth certainly isn’t “suspended upon nothing”.

    That’s the old geocentric model of the universe, the one that’s in the Bible but not, sadly, accurate.

  • Uly

     Wait, gravity is a “thing” now? I thought it was a force.

  • Uly

     Except that you can vote for anything you like. You can vote for everything BUT the creation museum, if that is your wont.

    When it comes to one museum listed twice, I’ve been voting on both of them. I hope they are merged eventually, but in case they’re not, I’m going to hedge my bets.

  • Uly

     The idea of a creator DOES violate a natural law, actually, the very same one it’s trying to solve: Who created it?

    At any rate, “It doesn’t violate any laws!” does not mean that it’s supported by science. Teapots orbiting uranus aren’t prohibited by natural law, but that doesn’t mean that they’re supported by science.

  • Uly

     Why pick? You can vote for more than one!

  • “Scientific”

    You keep using that word.. I don’t think you know what it means.

  • I’m voting for all the top players (more than a 1000 votes) so as to offset the Hammer’s  pseudo science place!

    Cheers from the hippo

  • I’m voting for all the top players (more than a 1000 votes) so as to offset the Hammer’s  pseudo science place!

    Cheers from the hippo

  • Shoebutton

     Yeah, the “scientific”way of curing leprosy cracks me up every time (Leviticus 14-2-52)

  • Jesse

    Current rankings:

    Note that they’ve extended the contest to the 28th.

    6271: U.S. Space and Rocket Center, AL
    5826: Smithsonian Museum of American History, DC
    5195: Creation Museum, KY
    5114: Yosemite National Park, CA
    4892: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, DC
    4447: Kennedy Space Center, FL
    3659: American Museum of Natural History, NY
    2596: Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, IL
    2430: The Statue of Liberty, NY
    2133: Boston (Freedom Trail, Harbor, Navy Shipyard, Commons, Beacon Hill, etc.), MA
    1762: Niagra falls, NY
    1684: NASA – Johnson Space Center – Houston, TX
    1564: Mount Rushmore, SD
    1512: Gettysburg Civil War Battlefield, PA
    1359: The Mall and monuments in DC, DC <- This is NUMBER 15! ***
    1313: USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park, AL
    1264: Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM
    1263: White house, DC
    1215: National Air and Space Museum, DC
    1043: Acadia National Park, ME
    945: Mammoth Caves National Park, KY
    881: Corning Museum of Glass, NY
    769: Great Smokey Mountains National Park, TN
    732: Disneyland, CA
    702: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, HI

  • Rolecur

    You can vote for multiple places each 24 hours. I just voted for the top 6 vote getters other than the creation place.

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