A Photography Project February 13, 2012

A Photography Project

Photographer Chris Johnson is working on a project that features 100 atheists (myself included) talking about what gives them joy and meaning in this life:

Each portrait will be paired with a short message from the subject about some aspect of joy, meaning or passion in life. It could focus on the love of a beautiful relationship, the joy of a rewarding career, the pleasure of a treasured pastime, the impact of a powerful experience, or any other topics.

The goal of the book is to dispel the common misconception that the lives of nonbelievers are somehow emptier or less meaningful. This idea is not only false, but harmful as well. It hurts those who are afraid to “come out” as an atheist because they’re scared what those close to them will think. I hope this book can reach out and serve as an inspiration.

In order to complete the project and get the book published, though, Chris is looking for support on Kickstarter. He has a lofty goal, but the project sounds unique enough that it might draw interest from a diverse crowd.

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  • chicago dyke, evolved outlaw

    my father is dying. he could die tomorrow, in fact. i am sad to know i will lose him, but i rejoice at the fact of his life. for it was wonderful, and meaningful. my father founded the first free legal aid clinic in Detroit. my father served our country in a real and significant war against Evil. my father was a kind, determined man who brought justice and peace to thousands in his role as a judge. i am proud and happy to know i am part of his legacy, and every day i try to honor that.

    see? no mythological being needed. love, hope, charity, compassion… i can do that! /chekov from the newer star trek movie/ dad taught me how. “bless” you dad, and thank you. i don’t have to pray; i know you will be a Star, shining in the ‘heavens’ once again, as you once were, billions of years ago. my love for you is real. and if there’s a force to worship, it is that love, nothing more. 

  • Scott

    I think I’ll go call my dad now…

  • oambitiousone

    My ten-year old is watching this over my shoulder.

    He asks, “Are we atheists?”

    “You can be whatever you want to be.” The video continues.

    After the video, without prompting, he says: “I just realized something. First it’s black people. Then it’s gay people. Now it’s atheists.”

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