Let’s Hope God Never Becomes a Firefighter… February 11, 2012

Let’s Hope God Never Becomes a Firefighter…

… because if he ever does become one, we’re all screwed:

(via DarkMatter2525)

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  • It could’ve been funnier if it was theologically sound. Biblically, the firemen would stand in front of the building warning the people not to enter it seeing that it’s burning down, after which the people would enter any way. And, also on a technical note, it wouldn’t be firemen seeing that firemen are probably bound by some creed that they must save those running into the burning building against their will even. Same old, same old.

  • What you said made absolutely no sense.

  • Anonymous

    There is no such thing as being “theologically sound”.

  • Anonymous

    If firemen don’t exist, how can our lives have any meaning or purpose?

  • If only the Fire Chief would just pour gasoline on his son, followed by a lit match, then the boy could burn horribly and the people in the building could then (of course) be saved from burning…. as long as they worshiped the dead carcass of the dead boy and ate his burnt flesh and drank his blood, of course. 

  • As Pascal once said, wouldn’t it be better to wager that Firefighters DO exist, and wait inside a burning building for them to save you, rather than just use the man-made fire-escape to exit the burning building and go on living a good life during the time that we have on earth? Because if you escaped the fire and went on living your life without believing in firefighters it would all be a waste that you lived at all.

  • Anonymous

    Which firefighters?

  • To be ‘theologically sound’ there would be people outside warning that the building is on fire, and pointing to firemen.  But there would be no smoke, no fire, no fire trucks, and no fireman.  At least that you can see.  They’d be telling you to trust them, they’re really there.  Just have faith.  Oh, and give me some money so I can warn other people about the fire that nobody can see, feel, hear or smell.

  • Anonymous

    I guess a-firefighterists believe that fires start through random chance.

  • Joe Rawlinson

    “Liked” with an additional “Bahahahahahaha.”

  • katy

    I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but it is supposed to be funny. It is funny, so it’s achieved it’s goal. It doesn’t matter whether it lines up with whatever religious doctrine you had in mind while watching it.

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