I’m Traveling This Spring… February 11, 2012

I’m Traveling This Spring…

For several weeks now — and for hopefully one more — I’m spending a lot of time after school coaching my Speech Team kids, getting them ready for the State tournament (they compete today to see who qualifies). After that, though, I’ll begin traveling/speaking at different campuses again.

Here’s my schedule for the Spring. A lot of these events are still tentative (I’ll offer updates as soon as possible), but if you’re in the area, please consider dropping by!

Secular Alliance at Indiana University 02/20/12 Bloomington, IN
Secular Student Alliance at Illinois College 03/17/12 Jacksonville, IL
Reason Rally 03/24/12 Washington, DC
Michigan State University 03/29/12 East Lansing, MI
Rock Beyond Belief 03/31/12 Fort Bragg, NC
Tentative!Alabama Atheists and Agnostics 04/07/12 Tuscaloosa, AL
Tentative!University of Texas at Arlington event 04/14/12 Arlington, TX
Tentative!Alliance of Happy Atheists at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo 04/21/12 San Luis Obispo, CA
Tentative!Atheists, Humanists & Agnostics at University of Wisconsin — Madison 04/28/12 Madison, WI
Tentative!Ohio SkeptiCamp 2012 05/26/12 Columbus, OH

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  • chicago dyke, evolved outlaw

    ooooh, goody! see you in march, Hemant. this is awesome, i never thought you’d come here. if you’d like me to make you a nice dinner or need a place to stay in E. Lansing, just let me know.

  • Secular Planet

    I got excited for a second when I saw Jacksonville on the list and then realized it said “IL”  instead of “FL.”

  • you should try to come to New Orleans in June for there conference.   http://conference.americanhumanist.org/

  • Annie

    Me too.  That would have been an easy drive for me.

  • Xeon2000

    Aww nuts.  I was excited you were coming to East Lansing, but I work all day and have class until 9pm on Thursdays.  Oh well.

  • Cindy

    I hope the UT Arlington event becomes confirmed. I’ll be there!

  • RollTide34

    Keep us posted, definitely a group in TTown that would love to attend.

  • come to LA or orange county or san diego!!! San Luis Obispo is too far away…. D:
    … if I raised money with the UCI Atheists Agnostics and Rationalists… could that make you come visit? 😀

  • Nicholas Titterton

    You coach speech and debate. That is awesome. I’m doing the same exact thing for my state tournament (I’m in FX). Have a fun time on tour!

  • Nordog

    Hemant, you need to make it out to Los Angeles some day soon so I can buy you a beer or two, or three.

    Or better yet, some Jameson Irish Whiskey.

    Anyway, safe travels to you.

  • baronvoncarson

    You should come to GAC in Melbourne!

  • Bummed that you’re not coming to Minneapolis!! Quelle tragédie!

  • What’s the matter?  Scared of Canada?

  • amyc

    Yay! It says you will be in Arlington (tentatively).

  • Seems like you’ll be very busy this Spring!

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