When Brother Jed Visits, Atheists Get the Last Laugh February 9, 2012

When Brother Jed Visits, Atheists Get the Last Laugh

When Brother Jed comes to your campus to preach his message of bigotry and hate, the best way to respond is to turn the attention away from him and onto you, and that’s what the Secular Student Alliance at Texas State University did yesterday:

The Secular Student Alliance showed up in force brandishing signs reading ‘This guy is full of shit,” “Sex: a lot of fun,” and “Keep your church out of my sex life and I won’t have sex in your church.”

Matt Runnebaum, president of the Secular Student Alliance, said the group was there to protest the “message of hate” Morrell and Smock were preaching.

“We are trying to make a mockery of it,” he said. “The best way to combat messages of hate is with humor.”

College atheist groups have been *amazing* at responding to Christian hatemongers like Jed.

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  • Jonathan

    The “Sex in your church” comment wasn’t ours. After we showed up with signs other students wanted them, so we went to the bookstore for more poster board and let people make their own.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, Jonathan, so the SSA proves to be both honest and influential.  Yay!

  • The funniest response, in my opinion, has been when same-sex couples smooch directly in front of Brother Jed. I don’t know it that offends him or arouses him, but either way I figure it makes him uncomfortable.

  • Rod Chlebek

    It’s a little at a time, but I feel that we are winning. This past week has been pretty good.

  • Shannonkish

    Sadly, I know Morrell. He and I were interns at the same east Texas cult, Teen Mania’s Honor Academy (read our stories at http://www.recoveringalumni.. com)

  • He came to my school once (F.S.U is part of his rounds) and the LGBTQ student union came and glittered everyone (who seemed willing).

    Then they passed out name tags for your particular sin, there were *a lot* of masturbators in the crowd that day.

    Brother Jed told the leader of the LGBTQ Student Union, nick named “Sparkles,” that Satan was going to grab him by his testicles and throw him into the bowels of Hell.  Ahahaha.

  • There are guys who do open air preaching at my school every Friday, and there’s a guy who reads out loud from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to mock them.

  • Samantharey80

    Hey! That’s my school!

  • kenneth

    Wow! Jed is still kicking? I remember this dude from when he used to come to Northern Illinois University circa the late 80s! He was over the top, for sure. So much so that I sometimes wondered if he was serious about his message of if it was some sort of extreme street theater/field psychology experiment ala “Borat”.  He and the campus Marxists and the Hare Krishnas were about the only thing that livened up the campus in those days.  Jed would come around about once a year. If you didn’t let him get to you, it was always a good show. One time, I recall the campus police had to intervene when a crowd moved to throw him into one of the ponds.

  • Ruth

    Oh man, I have such mixed feelings about all of this.  My problem is that I have a brother who is mentally ill.  He has been mentally ill his entire life . . . something was not quite right with him, even when he was a young child.  He has been on SSI since he became an adult because there is no way he could ever hold down a job.  He has no social skills whatsoever.

    A couple of years ago he got the calling to be what he calls a charismatic preacher.  He has a little congregation of people who meet in his independent/assisted living facility.  This group continues to grow.  Somehow he managed to get licensed to even do marriages.  He does a lot of street preaching and has even gone on extensive trips and preached in other cities.  I am not quite sure I understand how he gets from place to place.  The more he is mocked and belittled the more he feels like he is standing with God against evil.  It reinforces him.  He is filled with the spirit and speaks eloquently and writes beautifully about God.  And it is all delusion.  

    It is horribly sad and there is nothing I can do about it other than to love my brother anyway and always tell him that I am there for him.  

    Because of my brother I just can’t make fun of these street preachers.  Instead I want to cry for their families and for them  

  • Excellent work. YES our side is winning.  Just the fact that our side mobilized and got out into the open with signs, and got even more support upon doing so, says that our side is definitely winning. That’s some nice teamwork and cooperation!

  • Corey

    why is this Jed fool allowed there in the first place?

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