Somewhere Over Lucas Oil Stadium Yesterday… February 6, 2012

Somewhere Over Lucas Oil Stadium Yesterday…

… the American Atheists’ banner was flying for all to see:

More information on the banner is here.

As far as I know, there hasn’t been any real media coverage about the banner…

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  • I live in Indianapolis and this is the first I’m hearing of it, unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

    Nice message.  Who doesn’t love football? 😉

  • Well, since you ask.  I don’t.

    (Among other things, I consider ‘Redskins’ to be a blindspot for anyone who who doesn’t wear a white hood on the weekends).

  • MichaelnotTchristian

    An estimated audience of 110 million people for yesterday’s game….  I’d say religion lost that one  by a  country mile……….

  • Anonymous

    Hard for a banner to compete with these assholes:

  • Not I. Seems to appeal to the same in group/out group mentality that religion does from my perspective.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the flying burrito found it’s way to his mouth.  Maybe someone interpreted his preaching when he said “Jesus fed the needy” and was just trying to help him out.

  • Anonymous

    Guess I’m the exception to that perspective.

  • I am not saying that it is dangerous like religion or anything. Not near the death and hate can be attributed to football as religion. It just does not appeal to me. I have no issue with other people “practicing” football fandom.

  • Anonymous

    Ahh.  Understood.  FTR, I’m not a fanatic.  Just enjoy the sport and enjoying a good close game.

  • Anonymous

    I wish that it had been a “used” burrito.

  • Me I don’t like football…..

  • Ida Know

    Things that beat both football and church by a loooong shot, IMO: Reading, taking a walk, watching a movie, websurfing, sex, sleep… just about anything, really.

  • FSq

    Oh please. Lighten the hell up. Seriously. Go pour a nice gin and tonic, and lighten up.

    How do you feel about The Fightin’ Irish? Or Celtics? Or Vikings?

    Place the overly PC crappola where it belongs, into the dark recesses of censored speech.

    I am going to go out on a limb and assume you are ashamed of your penis and skin pigment as well?

  • How about you have the gin and tonic.  Sounds like you need the chill more than me.

  • FSq

    You are just so uptight. Oh horrors “Redskins”….tell me, what in that is intrinsically offensive? Get off the PC horse and unwind the puckerhole. 

    And still no answer on “Vikings”, “Fighting Irish” or “Celtics”. I mean, Fighting Irish!!! Could that BE anymore stereotyped? You might as well name the team from Columbia the “Banking Jews”. See? You pick and choose what you wish to be falsely offended by, all the while feeling you are somehow superior.

  • Foxnews did not even report it? You know how they love us atheist!

  • Am I uptight?  I raised me hand.  You’re the one who seems truly butthurt over the idea that someone else out there disagrees with you.  I don’t expect you to change your mind, nor did I even ask you to.  But I will raise my objection.  And of course you can tell me to ‘lighten up’ till you’re blue in the face, but doubt it’s going to change my opinion or activity.

    Some people choose to be ‘falsely’ offended by ‘nigger’ or ‘faggot’.  I choose to be ‘falsely’ offended by ‘nigger’, ‘faggot’ and ‘redskin’.

    And I honestly have no idea what you mean with your team from Columbia, but I certainly don’ t think the team from D.C. is the only one out there.  It’s just an especially egregious example IMO.

  • FSq

    Rich, you equated the “Redskins” jersey, a jersey worn by many different races, to the white sheets of the KKK, and you do not see how ludicrous that is?

    Dude, you are out there, and more than a little disingenuous. 

  • (Disqus is dicking with me)

     Rich, you equated the “Redskins” jersey, a jersey worn by many different races, to the white sheets of the KKK, 

    Nope.  I’m not saying people who wear jerseys are like the KKK.  I’m saying the VAST majority of people who wear jerseys have a blindspot about it.  Call it privilege of the majority.  You asked me what was intrinsically offensive about it.  It is (IMO) the same intrinsic offense as well known epithets against other groups.  The only difference is the numbers involved.I may be out there, but I wouldn’t be responding if I didn’t feel genuinely about it.

  • Nordog

    FSq, I don’t mean to upset you or anyting, but I agree with you here.

    Well, except the part about gin and tonic,  yuck.  Jameson Irish Whiskey on the other hand…

  • Oh Noz!  I’m being persecuted!


  • FSq

    Well, that does it, “hell” just officially froze over!

    Sun Tzu said “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”….I guess it is true that politics makes strange bedfellows…

  • FSq

    Oh stop being namby-pamby about it. You are now trying to play a semantic shell-game, a sort of overly PC “three-card monty” if you will. 

    You insult all the victims who suffered at the hands of the foul and horrid KKK. And to equate the jersey of a football team to a KKK troupe is over the top, even for you.

    But don’t add further ignorance into your rant be trying to go the route of “IMO” or by trying to use semantic sophistry. 

    And please address how you feel about “The Fighting Irish”, The “Vikings” or the “Celtics”. What excuses them from your PC whimpishness?

  • I wasn’t aware that ‘Fighting Irish’, ‘Vikings’ or ‘Celtics’ had ever been used as epithets.  Happy to be corrected if you have evidence otherwise.

    And just because you don’t get my KKK point doesn’t mean I meant what you say I meant.  I was saying that it’s not due to racism that people wear D.C. NFL jerseys.  It’s for the reasons you’re laying out now.  You’re not racist, you’re just wrong about what category of word ‘redskin’ is.  It’s not a stereotype, it’s an epithet.

  • Nordog

    LOL.  My interwebz access has been limited, and I haven’t had much time during those moments I have had access, so I’m not entirely sure of your original point.  I suspect it is a bit more subtle than what I can parse in the quick scan I’ve given you posts.

    Having said that, not sure I agree with FSq that his point applies to you, but I certainly agree with his point in general.

    Just didn’t want you to think I was piling on or anything.  Plenty of occasions for disagreement, just not sure this is one.

  • Heck, on this issue, the very few (as in maybe two) friends who agree with me in principle still roll their eyes at me if I bring it up.   So I know I’m ‘out there’ 🙂

    I hope we can disagree with a person’s position without dismissing the person entirely.  We all have a greater battle against those evil horrible no-good Chris- oh, wait.  Never mind.

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