Did Jesus Ever Take a Crap? February 6, 2012

Did Jesus Ever Take a Crap?

Yes, says derrida114, but we never hear about it, because the Bible only tells us the highlights of Jesus’ life, not the mundane/boring stuff.

That’s one of many things he says about Jesus in his most recent (and very entertaining) video… which also covers Tom Hanks and potato chips.

Check it out!

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  • Gustavsnarp

    Holy shit?

  • digitalatheist

    HEATHEN! If it isn’t mentioned in God’s own version of The Bible, then it 753% certain that it did not happen. If our beloved SAVIOR isn’t mentioned as taking a #2 at any point, or even a #1, then it is beyond certain that he ever did take one of them. YOU will BURN for doubting that our LORD was above SUCH ACTIONS!…!!!!!!11!!!


  • digitalatheist

    ANd by GOd’s own version i mean the ONLY true BIBLE the kING JAMES Vursion. NON of that communist crap of GREEK or HE-BREW or any of them godless foreign languages.


  • JohnJay

    I remember some joke story in MAD magazine (or something similar) back in the 1970’s..

    “Christ Child CaCa: Sacred Relic or Sacrilege?

  • I brought this question up with my mother once!!! Too Funny,
    along with the question, “Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?” She
    said well of course they did! Then when I explained that it would have been unnecessary
    for them to have them being that neither ever were carried within a womb,
    although many painting depicted them with belly buttons. She just shook he head
    and changed the subject, but honestly these are the questions I would have
    liked the bible to answer for us, instead we have god creating light twice and depicting
    woman as “suitable helpers”

  • Robert Stoll

    It is true, Christianity takes many things from other religions- not just all mighty gods and philosopher kings. Virgin births, magical planet wiping floods somehow connected to morality lows within the human population, charity, nonviolence, sanitation, love, etc, etc, etc…

  •  Finally a poe I can recognize.

    … I think.

  • When we take a crap, why do we say “take a crap”? It seems more like we’re giving a crap. If we say “He took a crap,” that sounds like it wasn’t his. What right does he have to take somebody’s crap? “Hey! Don’t take that crap! Take your own crap! And where are you taking that crap?”

    But instead of being about crapping, “giving a crap” is about caring, I guess, since “not giving a crap” is definitely about not caring.  But somehow “giving a crap,” doesn’t sound like a very caring thing to do. It might be more caring to take crap away, as long as one has permission. “Can I take a crap?” “Thank you, you’re very kind.”

    I think we all need to get our crap together about all this confusion over taking or giving crap.  …Or maybe we should spread it out, like fertilizer.

  • TiltedHorizon

     Does this mean flatulence is the Holy Spirit?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like that should have a “– George Carlin” at the end!

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