Swan Pride February 5, 2012

Swan Pride

Here’s a terrific music video with an even better message: Support marriage equality.

The band, Bye June, conveys the message via shadow puppets and swans. The obstacle to the swans’ love? Not a surprise…

The lead singer/songwriter, Gil Kline, said this about the video:

“I wrote this song because my cousin is in 10 year relationship and he can’t marry his partner. They are so in love, and it angers me that politicians try to tell other people who to love and spend their life with”.

Damn right.

There’s a Facebook page dedicated to the Swan Pride movement and the stories on the wall (scroll down for them) are absolutely inspirational.

(Thanks to Paul for the link!)

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  • Troglodyke

    Thank you for posting that. It was great, and very clever. The song was nice, too.

    I really appreciate your dedication, Hemant, to equal rights for GLBT people. I’m sure some hetero atheists who come here wonder why you post so much about gays and our struggles to have human rights; yes, a lot of us are atheists, but it’s deeper than that.

    And it matters. So, thank you.

  • I agree. I think there are some striking parallels between how atheists and those in the LGBT community are treated. And I think it’s important for one too often judged group to stand up for another.

  • BinaryStar


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