JT Eberhard Fires Up Activists in Alabama January 31, 2012

JT Eberhard Fires Up Activists in Alabama

I posted last week about an event hosted by the Southeastern Collegiate Atheist Alliance (SECAA) and Alabama Atheists & Agnostics (AAA), but the video of JT Eberhard‘s talk hadn’t gone up yet.

Now, it’s up and you should watch it. If nothing else, listen to the first four minutes. JT makes some great points about the Jessica Ahlquist saga.

Young activists FTW.

If you liked any particular portion of the video, please leave the timestamp in the comments!

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  • This old lady is very proud of the kids who are our future!

  • Annie

    Charming.  Witty.  Informative.  Great job!  I can’t wait to show this to my 12 year old tomorrow, she’s going to love it!

  • As usual, JT gives an excellent speech. Witty, informative, and gives plenty of great points. Why can’t he(or any other awesome speaker in the atheist movement) ever come to Memphis or surrounding areas?

  • Waanderson

    Wow, that was excellent! Also a very good Powerpoint presentation with good use of humor.

  • Hi Adam.

    I’m very inexpensive to bring.  I never charge an honorarium and am willing to sleep on a couch so long as there’s a warm shower around.

    If you have an SSA affiliate nearby the SSA will pony up most of the cost of my travel, which is the only expense I ask people to cover.

    I’m booked through April, but I’d love to come out there.  It’s close to where I grew up and would give me a chance to see my folks.  🙂

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