Toby Ganger Releases ‘Evolutionary’ January 27, 2012

Toby Ganger Releases ‘Evolutionary’

Hip-hop singer Toby Ganger just released an EP called “Evolutionary” and the title track sounds pretty awesome:

An excerpt from the lyrics:

…the other side interested in scaring
the rest of us here with a message of fear
so todays questions appear
through the lens of yesterday’s perception of fair
and the prejudice clear
whenever they’re debating on who gets to be married
always saying to protect the kids
really they’re afraid we’ll reject their myths

The entire album or just the single can be found on his site.

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  • Anonymous

    I still rank David Anthony’s “God Said” as my current favorite, but this is pretty good. Somewhat off-topic, does anybody else find it interesting that even though African Americans make up a disproportionately small part of the atheist community, they make a much larger propotion of the current atheist music?

    Edit: The previous post is entirely undermined by my realization that Ganger is white lol. Still, Greydon Square and Anthony David are notable.

  • I like it. I’m currently listening to it a second time.

  • To date Greydon Square is the only rapper / hip-hopper I can stand listening to.  Surprisingly I think I’ve just found someone new, so much so I just plunked down 6.00 for it.

    It’ll be interesting to see what he does next.

  • Gabber

    “God Does not Exist”

    Angerfist – Conspiracy.

  • Gabber

    “God Does not Exist”

    Angerfist – Conspiracy.

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