Evil Little Shirts and Young Turks January 25, 2012

Evil Little Shirts and Young Turks

The Young Turks (Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur) spent some time talking about the over-the-top responses from some Christians to the Jessica Ahlquist story:

On a side note, the Providence Journal had a nice, short article about the “Evil Little Thing” t-shirts which are being sold in Jessica’s honor.

All profits from sales will be donated to her scholarship fund, which is (incredibly) at $33,000 and counting!

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  • Wow, $34k with over a month to go. Nice job guys/gals.

  • Why is the scholarship counter still stuck at $18,992.48 for me? And it says it’s January 11th. I keep refreshing, but it never changes. :-/

  • Erik Cameron

    In b4 ‘at least it’s not comic sans’

  • Clear your cookies/cache!

  • Aproustian

    Clear your cookies, maybe?

  • Michael

    They should make a version in comic sans which says “Evil little font”

  • Annie

    I bought a shirt last night… I’m impressed at the high percentage of the cost that is going to the scholarship fund.  It’s exciting to be part of a community that rallies around each other in one’s time of need. 

  • I think having to clear everything on my browser is a bit extreme.  I checked the chipin support page, and they don’t take questions but have an ‘extensive’ FAQ.  The FAQ link goes back to the same support page.  There are some individual FAQ section links, but they’re all dead.  The latest blog entry is from May 2010.  And the widget is in Flash.

    Hemant, might I suggest checking out https://checkout.google.com/seller/npo/ for next time? I think that would mean funneling the money directly to FFRF (or some other 501(c))

  • btw, anyone who still has cash to burn and wants to support another atheist who’s getting even more abuse for doing even less, you can support Alex Aan in Indonesia who’s facing 5 years in prison for saying “God does not exist”

  • walkamungus

    If you’re using Internet Explorer, it’s an Evil Little Browser. It won’t necessarily refresh even if you click refresh. This is because Microsoft knows your needs better than you do [/sarcasm].

  • walkamungus

    And man, lots of the comments over at the Providence Journal are *nasty*…more of the same, that is.

  • Ottomaniac

    The inaccurate subtitles on the Young Turks are hilarious.  Oh, no, Bill the Barber rapes people in hell!

  • If I get a size 4x, can I wear “evil little thing” ironically?

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