If the Cranston Florists Changed Their Minds… January 20, 2012

If the Cranston Florists Changed Their Minds…

(In response to this post.)

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  • Yukimi

    Hahahah. pretty funny ^__^

  • Heartfout

    Wait, they’re giving out Venus Flytraps now?

    Awesome, I want one.

  • Winto_bungle
  • Observer


  • ff42

    In defense of the  Cranston Florists…

    I believe when people are forced to ‘serve’ (in this case sell flowers to) others they will (perhaps unconsciously)  do a lousy job.  Perhaps they will use the least fresh flowers, or put in fewer than normal or charge  more, etc.

    I would much rather deal with people who are happy to associate with me then someone forced to do so and would LOVE to see business signs that say “No Whites”, “No Blacks”, “No Believers”,  “No Atheists”, etc.  (whatever reflects their desires), to make my job of selecting a company to deal with much easier.  [Of course this doesn’t apply to government because all are required to use government service].

  • Too bad we have something called the Civil Rights Act.

  • Subhajay

    There is a Reason Rally in U.S by the American Atheist Alliance is someone planing to attend in month of March ? but can someone help me to make it for the rally before I die,like introduce to someone who will attend the rally especially within U.S/world & also I am looking for help to write a book the first Atheist/humanist voice from whole of Asia & humanity,can I get some sponsors ?